• Merry Go Round 02/02/2013  7:08am

    Any info on if MGR will see non-eq at the ECC's today?


    they have male and female singers at 10 and dance calls at 2 and 4 I highly doubt they will have time to see non eq, I would try the epa.....everyone please keep us updated with the status of this call! thanx

    JSL32 02/02/2013  7:57am

    Unofficial list is currently at 17 for noneq singers (male and female on same list). At 7 for female dancers and 7 for male dancers

    dancer13 02/02/2013  8:57am


    nyc1etoile 02/02/2013  10:13am


    Em1106 02/02/2013  11:11am

    There were only about 70 people on the eq list and they just collected resumes for the last eq group so I think they'll see non eq! But there has been no official announcement.

    DivaBelt 02/02/2013  11:17am

    They ARE seeing non-eq

    lovernotafighter 02/02/2013  11:21am

    Can someone please post when they're closing the non-eq list? I'm running up from Ogunquit

    Em1106 02/02/2013  11:36am

    Are they taking a lunch break?

    Mrskrupke 02/02/2013  11:41am

    So now they're saying they're not sure if non-eq will get seen.

    lovernotafighter 02/02/2013  11:48am

    After theist group of equity, they are taking a 5 then seeing non eq.

    lovernotafighter 02/02/2013  12:00pm

    Was anyone asked to stay and dance after you sang? Or will Callbacks be on another day?

    Munkustrap 02/02/2013  12:11pm

    Have they mentioned anything about seeing non-eq dancers?

    TripleStar 02/02/2013  12:17pm

    Seeing noneq female dancers??

    dancerm 02/02/2013  3:10pm