• MGR EPA 02/02/2013  7:48pm

    I know that this is starting at 12pm tomorrow, so sign up is at 11am, but I am trying to get a feel for how early people are going to get there to get in line... thoughts?


    Also wondering about this... Especially since the EPA is not starting until noon, I was thinking maybe that is because the studio won't be open until 11 on Sundays? Which would mean getting there earlier than that would mean waiting outside in the cold/snow...? Anyone know if this is the case?

    loverlee 02/02/2013  10:21pm

    just checked... nola's website says the studio doesn't open until 10 on sundays, but it also says they close at 6... so that doesn't really help very much.

    nikki113 02/02/2013  10:24pm

    I have the same questions! Any insight?

    causeimablonde 02/02/2013  10:30pm

    It's morning! It's... snowy! ...anyone over at NOLA yet? This is my first winter/spring audition season in which it's actually snowed on a day there was something I wanted to go to. What's the general procedure here? Be weird and get to a 12pm call at 8AM? Would really rather not... :P

    Brakes 02/03/2013  7:46am

    An update on whether or not people are already waiting for this would be appreciated- thanks!

    MissKayShuler 02/03/2013  8:11am

    About 20 people here

    lookin4updatez 02/03/2013  9:20am

    It's not bad at all, yet. They've let us into the building. Sweet, sweet warmth!

    Brakes 02/03/2013  9:20am

    Is there an unofficial non equity list started?

    Dr. Sattler 02/03/2013  9:26am

    I'm just trying to get a feel for how many Equity are already signed up. If there's a ton, then non-Eq should be aware.

    snuffles 02/03/2013  9:49am

    Equity sign-up won't start until 11.

    hjo214 02/03/2013  9:51am

    Any updates? Thanks!

    BFAinServing 02/03/2013  10:26am

    Maybe about 80 people altogether? Seems to be a fairly even mix of eq and non-eq though.

    hjo214 02/03/2013  10:33am

    Once sign-in starts, would someone break it down for us on here? Thank you!

    Dr. Sattler 02/03/2013  11:02am

    Wrapping down staircases to 8th floor!!

    BFAinServing 02/03/2013  11:07am

    This doesn't look great

    BFAinServing 02/03/2013  11:19am

    So not worth it for non eqs?

    bey207 02/03/2013  11:28am

    Anyone have any numbers? Equity, EMC, non-equity?

    Dr. Sattler 02/03/2013  11:46am

    Told non-eq and any emc after number 3 to come back after lunch. Lunch is from 3-4pm.

    knc2012 02/03/2013  12:01pm

    how many emc's are signed up?

    Texasgirly 02/03/2013  12:03pm

    Any word on Alt list or appointments?

    Actwa 02/03/2013  12:26pm

    There are about 20 emc's signed up, and 15 alternates, which they've only gotten through 1. Appointments are full until atleast 6:40.

    curlygrl63 02/03/2013  12:57pm

    Have they seen any more alternates?

    byallmeans 02/03/2013  1:45pm

    bump. Does that work here? Any word on alternates?

    nickname 02/03/2013  2:09pm

    There was only one appt left and out of the equity alternates I believe they've only seen 4 or 5 so far.

    carpediem 02/03/2013  3:06pm

    All Equity appointments full. Called 5 out of at least 16 alternates as of lunch.

    loverlee 02/03/2013  3:21pm

    Just released non eq. Sill holding out for emc.

    sixbefore 02/03/2013  4:10pm

    Any updates on what alt # they are on and how many alts are signed up?

    byallmeans 02/03/2013  4:29pm

    anyone know anything please post?

    nickname 02/03/2013  4:35pm

    Just called #18 out of 27 alternates!

    loverlee 02/03/2013  4:46pm

    Hey! Any updates on the alternates or EMC? Thanks!

    pinkpiglet 02/03/2013  5:36pm

    Hey! Any updates on the alternates or EMC? Thanks!

    pinkpiglet 02/03/2013  5:36pm

    2 alternates left then emc... I think

    nickname 02/03/2013  5:40pm