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  • Empire Summer Theatre @ 2/15 @ 02/11/2018  1:21pm

    Do they usually type? How cray cray is this supposed to be?



    Greenglasslove 02/11/2018  2:55pm

    Pretty sure this is their first summer.
    The dir/chor/producers own a dance studio and performing arts space in GA and are trying to branch out!
    So no idea how this call will run.
    But the owners have worked in NYC as actors/dancers before settling down in GA so hopefully it will run like a regular call.

    musicalwarrior 02/12/2018  9:27pm


    What time is everyone anticipating signing up tomorrow?

    Badandboujee 02/14/2018  8:54pm

    yes please advise on time so we know what makes sense!

    Newyorkcitynow 02/14/2018  9:14pm

    I’m thinking of getting there around 8. We all perform and audition better with more sleep. Let’s put our best foot forward!

    Break legs!

    myfairlady 02/14/2018  9:26pm

    their post on Playbill makes it looks like they'll accept the unofficial and call it out and transfer or whatever; i was gonna head over after the 6am sign up at Nola for Fingerlakes, maybe 630/7 am :)

    qwertybelty25 02/14/2018  9:58pm

    Is this at ripley? The old one not the new one?

    sillygirl 02/14/2018  11:09pm

    List is at 5

    lllvvveeekkk 02/15/2018  4:26am

    7 ppl at 5am

    taybay 02/15/2018  4:58am

    Is the list upstairs or by the doorman?

    3threat 02/15/2018  5:05am

    List was at 16 at 5:10 :)

    Greenglasslove 02/15/2018  5:14am

    Updates on list?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/15/2018  5:15am

    My bad thanks for the update

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/15/2018  5:16am

    24 as of 5:20 am

    GoCanes 02/15/2018  5:18am

    Up to about 40 when I left a few min ago

    julieandrews95 02/15/2018  5:29am

    List at 43 as of 5:30!

    thunderfan22 02/15/2018  5:33am

    High 40s. Someone bring another sheet of paper bc the one posted is tiny.

    Suiteofjacks 02/15/2018  5:33am

    51 at 5:40

    Twixtapper 02/15/2018  5:39am

    89 @ 6am

    BackeBabe 02/15/2018  6:03am

    Hey friends-where is the list posted?

    dophdoph623 02/15/2018  6:17am

    Outside on the wall

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/15/2018  6:22am

    117 at 8:30

    Up every morning at six 02/15/2018  6:26am

    I mean 6:30 🙃

    Up every morning at six 02/15/2018  6:27am

    WELLLL over 100

    bewp 02/15/2018  6:29am

    Updates on the list?

    rhymeswithboating 02/15/2018  6:42am


    myfairlady 02/15/2018  6:48am

    150 at least now.

    BariToxic 02/15/2018  6:53am

    How do we think this reading of the list will go? Are there gonna be a ton of people crammed into the room at once?

    Ladynapsalot 02/15/2018  7:05am

    List at least at 170

    Josh 02/15/2018  7:11am

    What time does RG open?

    Twixtapper 02/15/2018  7:16am

    Hey! Could someone please let us know when the monitor arrives? Thanks!!

    abcdes 02/15/2018  7:16am

    Ripley opens at 8!

    Jessika 02/15/2018  7:23am

    Does anyone know if they will type?

    DLeigh16 02/15/2018  7:43am

    Does anyone know if we need to physically be there when they transfer the list?

    Toulouuuuse 02/15/2018  7:46am

    The audition notice makes it sound like we have to be there when it's read

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/15/2018  7:51am

    Thanks Ialwaysforgetmypassword!

    Toulouuuuse 02/15/2018  7:53am

    Realistically if we haven’t gotten there at 5 or 6am to sign up and will only show up at around 830/9 will we get seen?

    Newyorkcitynow 02/15/2018  7:56am

    Can someone confirm if we must be there at 8:30 for the transfer??

    mmm90 02/15/2018  8:05am

    List in 250s. No monitor here yet.

    halfbaked 02/15/2018  8:17am

    259 at 8:34.

    Marcy18 02/15/2018  8:31am


    We also have to fill out forms. Can someone post the “questions” because they will probably run out.

    BariToxic 02/15/2018  8:39am

    The monitor just said she'll be back at 9:15 and they're giving us time slots. If you already signed up, You don't have to be here before 9:15

    abcdes 02/15/2018  8:40am


    do you work well with kids?

    Do you have experience with kids?

    Would you agree to work the summer camps (5 and up)

    BariToxic 02/15/2018  8:42am

    Name, role desired, email, phone

    Do you work well with kids? Would you agree to work our summer camps? Do you have prior experience working with kids? If so what type?

    IWBOB 02/15/2018  8:43am

    They will be calling off names at 9:15

    Up every morning at six 02/15/2018  8:43am

    If you're on the list but can't be there to hear your name will you still be seen?

    Artsgirl 02/15/2018  9:06am

    They aren't calling names. They gave times to come back, pretty much a 60 an hour.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/15/2018  9:06am

    8 bars

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/15/2018  9:08am

    Still sort of unclear for me. Was everyone on the unofficial list transferred or did we have to come back and be in the room?

    Butmostlyme 02/15/2018  9:19am

    Yes I have the same question..

    Artsgirl 02/15/2018  9:24am

    Everyone’s name on the unofficial list was transferred, and they estimate they will see about 60 people an hour. They also cut it down to 8 bars :)

    yaytheatre 02/15/2018  9:26am

    Thanks so much :)
    What time did they actually start seeing people 9:15?

    Butmostlyme 02/15/2018  9:36am

    Up to what number have they collected headshots?

    lilsally8 02/15/2018  9:49am

    Up to what number have they collected headshots?

    lilsally8 02/15/2018  9:58am

    They have online: Up to 60

    They said something about leaving headshots on the table?

    BariToxic 02/15/2018  10:01am

    If your music is difficult be prepared to sing a capella. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Suiteofjacks 02/15/2018  10:11am

    Hey guys!

    I know you guys are sitting around today -- if you've got a free chunk of time, COME UP TO NOLA.

    Run through your cut with a pianist (for free) and get feedback on your cut and your book (for free).

    We're in Studio D, 11th floor. Pianist here until 2pm, audition book feedback until 4pm.

    See ya soon!
    Amy Marie Stewart (TheoryWorks)
    Aaron Jodoin (Save My Audition)

    TheoryWorks 02/15/2018  10:31am

    How fast are they moving? Are they still on schedule?

    itbeme 02/15/2018  10:35am

    If they are stopping at 2, does that mean there's a dance callback this afternoon? Or just callbacks tomorrow?

    Typical Chorus Girl 02/15/2018  10:48am

    What number are we up to?

    Casssssadilla 02/15/2018  10:51am

    This is a MESS. there is no way theyre getting to everyone, EVEN with 8bar cuts. JUST lined up 60-120 (yes 60 people in line) and there is no monitor in the holding room (though shes SUPER nice) to calm this madness.

    They were NOT prepared for such a big turnout.

    bewp 02/15/2018  10:54am

    What # are they up to? Any updates from monitor?

    JusNikki54 02/15/2018  11:10am


    itbeme 02/15/2018  11:34am

    Yep this is a freaking sh*t show. The accompanist is not capable of playing standard material so they ask you to sing a cappella.

    3threat 02/15/2018  11:35am

    What number are they even on at this point?

    itbeme 02/15/2018  11:46am

    Oy vay. So do we think they’re still keeping up with the times they told us, like will peeps in the 250s actually be seen around 1:30? Or perhaps we should come back a little later to avoid the chaos/crowding...

    thewitchbitch28 02/15/2018  11:48am

    The accompanist played my cut just fine and everyone in the room was very nice. They clearly weren’t expecting this large of a turnout, however.

    Can someone ask the monitor the next time they come out for who’s ITR? Not a big deal, but I always like to know and I forgot to ask before I left.

    Lbbbby 02/15/2018  11:53am

    What number have they called through? Do I need to head back there if I'm in the 240s?

    itbeme 02/15/2018  11:54am

    They are at around 110's

    abcdes 02/15/2018  11:56am

    WOW I’m spooked 🙈

    bujo_l0vr 02/15/2018  12:24pm

    Bump on what number they’re on

    Ladynapsalot 02/15/2018  12:31pm


    Josh 02/15/2018  12:35pm

    Is it accapella the rest of the day?

    sweetsallyfields 02/15/2018  12:37pm

    Yep. 🤦‍♂️ 8 bars acapella

    BariToxic 02/15/2018  12:45pm

    Are they still ending at 2?

    rainbowhigh$$$ 02/15/2018  12:55pm

    Bump on who is in the room!

    Sixtiespixie 02/15/2018  1:44pm

    WOW I’m spooked 🙈

    bujo_l0vr 02/15/2018  1:47pm

    There’s no one here, did this really end at 2pm????

    MonkeyWingChickenDiP 02/15/2018  2:08pm

    Anyone get so is itr?

    Suiteofjacks 02/15/2018  2:21pm


    Suiteofjacks 02/15/2018  2:21pm