• ArtsPower??? 02/03/2013  7:19pm


    Has anyone ever worked for ArtsPower? Are they a good company? On the fence about going to this one... Any info appreciated!


    I LOVED working for artspower! Highly recommend them!

    librasinger 02/03/2013  7:41pm

    Go! It's a non eq tour and my friend worked for them and loved it. I'm going tomorrow. I'll see you there.;)

    dyinaintsobad 02/03/2013  8:42pm

    They are amazing to work for!!! They really take care of their actors. Definitely audition!

    Lalaland 02/03/2013  9:14pm

    Details on where and the times of this call? Where can I find a breakdown?

    bey207 02/03/2013  9:15pm


    GingerSinger 02/03/2013  9:35pm

    I can't find the breakdown on bsckstage!! Can someone post a link? Or at least give a time for the call. Is it dancing or singing?

    Loonylunaloons 02/03/2013  10:51pm

    Search under Anastasia Krupnik. It might also be on Playbill. And ArtsPower is one word. Singing only. Brief, full song. Trad MT. No pop/rock. Nola, 10 am to 2 pm.

    GingerSinger 02/03/2013  11:20pm

    Do they take lists? Or are we all going to be waiting?

    (Not trying to spark debate, just wondering what's typical for them)

    pennyforyourthoughts 02/03/2013  11:24pm

    non-union children's theater. nice people, good material. but not useful as a resume credit.

    dopplegang 02/03/2013  11:48pm

    What time does Nola open ?

    K1116 02/04/2013  5:40am

    Has a list been started for this yet?

    RubyTuesday 02/04/2013  6:18am

    Loved them. they really take care of you. It's hard work though being the same four other people day in and day out. just prepare for that.

    I would disagree with the resume credit comment. I have gotten way more appointments since coming back and having a national tour on my resume. Even if it is children's theatre. Will it win me a tony? No. Will it help my resume till I book other things that are bigger? I personally think so

    peggylee08 02/04/2013  6:40am

    List is up-about 15 girls signed up

    DoReMi 02/04/2013  7:01am

    Anyone know what the list looks like now?

    Sorrybout_it 02/04/2013  7:52am


    Star7827 02/04/2013  8:01am

    List is at 45ish.

    Amten23 02/04/2013  8:13am

    How many women online now? when does women call end? and what floor in nola?

    chicadebronx 02/04/2013  8:35am

    Where is the list??

    nickname 02/04/2013  8:46am

    Official list is up to 24 inside the building

    K1116 02/04/2013  8:55am

    Official list up to 55

    Dreamcatcher 02/04/2013  9:16am

    List is somewhere around 80. They will not put you in if you miss your number , will be put to end of line! Calling groups of 6 names at a time. (Have called up to 12). Asking for 32 bars standard musical theater!

    starlight 02/04/2013  10:14am

    Is the list still open?

    Thtrchik 02/04/2013  10:47am

    I believe so. They have called up to 24

    starlight 02/04/2013  11:00am

    Called up to 39.

    Reeses7 02/04/2013  11:36am

    Does anyone know what number they've called up to? Thanks!!

    zoka 02/04/2013  11:55am

    They've called up to 59

    dyinaintsobad 02/04/2013  12:43pm

    Does anyone know the names/titles of the people in the room?

    sum1uknow 02/04/2013  1:01pm

    Peggy Lee good for you that your career is going well. But I guarantee you it has nothing to do with ArtsPower as a resume credit. I would see hundreds of resumes with childrens' theater tours come through and they are not a meaningful credit. ArtsPower used to give people their AEA cards and many of them never worked again because they were not ready to be union. Do it for experience, money, fun, whatever, but it is not a resume credit of any meaning.

    dopplegang 02/04/2013  10:35pm

    ew dopplegang

    wannabeeeeee 02/04/2013  10:46pm

    How's it looking over there this morning?

    HCHS1209 02/05/2013  6:52am

    Does anyone know who all was in the room yesterday?

    Loverly83 02/05/2013  11:11am