• Lola huds

    Did I hear correctly that they don't want girls until 1:30? Non eq?

    sequinsister 02/04/2013  10:01am

    yes. the monitor is being a HUGE BITCH (seriously I have never encountered this level of rudeness and condescension from a monitor in all my days)

    wont let girls go on an unofficial list until 1:30

    Oopsgirl34 02/04/2013  10:17am

    sorry I meant official non-equity list till 1:30. A few of us put our names down on an unofficial list

    Oopsgirl34 02/04/2013  10:27am

    Hey all- Not sure how fast they're moving, but guys' non-eq list is at 15 and the girls unofficial list is 21. Don't know if the story with that has changed, but gals are still putting their names on it.

    GodImAMover 02/04/2013  11:07am

    Any idea if they are seeing non-eq guys?

    nickname 02/04/2013  11:34am

    Hey guys, have they been having you sing two 16-bar cuts or only one so far?


    TrixAre4Kids101 02/04/2013  11:50am

    Can you please post who is ITR including pianist? Thanks!

    Slashies 02/04/2013  12:03pm

    Non-eq girls, is anyone going to be able to be there for sure at 1:30 to transfer the list? The monitor said we could start the unofficial one as long as we transferred it ourselves.

    Auditioner28 02/04/2013  1:26pm

    Unofficial noneq list was directly transferred by the monitor. About 120 equity slots given out, monitor suggested noneq come back around 4

    loverlee 02/04/2013  1:51pm

    No noneq ladies will be seen today. Official..

    loverlee 02/04/2013  2:02pm

    No noneq today.

    curlygrl63 02/04/2013  2:02pm

    Matthew Decker, Associate Artistic Director
    Jenna Stelmok, Professional Apprentice
    Mary Beth Simon, Associate General Manager

    Craig Baldwin (I believe), Accompanist

    GodImAMover 02/04/2013  2:03pm