• COHOES 02/04/2013  10:55am

    Guys get there! There were only like 20 on list at 10am. Girls list was at 65 when I left at 10:30. They may (not for sure) see girls earlier than stated. Monitor is very friendly


    Yeah, guys- you'll be seen pretty much as soon as you walk into this one. They're taking lunch at 1.

    GodImAMover 02/04/2013  10:59am

    Is this just a singer call today?

    stq4l 02/04/2013  11:07am

    There is a reason only 20 people signed up. I worked for this company they are not good people. In fact I am not entirely sure they have paid everyone from our production back in Nov. Audition at your own risk

    Pey1289 02/04/2013  11:24am

    Not many guys. They are seeing girls until noon, possibly some 12-1 before lunch break (1-2). Monitor is super nice and helpful.

    CaptainRandom 02/04/2013  11:38am

    How is this going? Still dead? I'm number #27 on the girls list -- if I'm there after 2:00, I'm guessing I'll still get seen? Any updates are helpful -- Thanks!

    GingerSinger 02/04/2013  12:27pm

    We will start seeing girls at 2. Unofficial list is being honored.

    Justanotheractor 02/04/2013  12:44pm

    ^ I echo what Pey1289 said. Terrible, terrible people indeed.

    PeteZahut 02/04/2013  1:34pm

    any update on the women? what number are they at? is it busy?

    andicancooktoo 02/04/2013  3:05pm


    Katattack 02/05/2013  1:09am

    BE AWARE. Terrible theatre.

    dancer13 02/05/2013  2:06am