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  • SCRT Appointments 02/16/2018  11:35am

    Anyone there know if they are running on time? Also is there a dance callback today?


    They were a bit ahead of schedule when I was there at 11:30

    pctombs 02/16/2018  11:48am

    Anyone know if they have an extra copy of the God of Carnage sides?

    g0796 02/16/2018  12:14pm

    They do have sides there :)

    rapunzel1000 02/16/2018  12:41pm

    Pretty much just seeing 1 song now but s very nice room

    Usernameunavailable 02/16/2018  3:32pm

    Anyone have who was in the room?

    I'minthe212 02/16/2018  3:45pm

    not sure who was who but ITR : Eli Carpenter, Jamie Billings, Jimmy Bruinger (spelling?)

    qwertybelty25 02/16/2018  3:51pm

    Was anyone told anything about callbacks/timeline?

    reeee 02/16/2018  4:54pm

    Monitor told me they are stilling deciding if there will be callbacks or just casting from today. I would watch your email and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask for additional material via video

    JessicaJones 02/16/2018  6:40pm

    Based on the person who answered me and some digging, this is who they are and their relevance:
    Eli Carpenter (Artistic Director & Director of Fly By Night)
    Jamie Billings (Director of God of Carnage)
    James Bruenger III (Director of Evita)

    I'minthe212 02/17/2018  8:36am

    Has anyone heard about the callback situation/received offer emails?

    Billy_shakes 02/19/2018  11:18am

    UGH so they did check the instagrams! That was the first time I had been asked for my handle at an audition and my instagram is beyond lame :/

    tigerbeat225 02/20/2018  12:30pm

    sorry wrong thread

    tigerbeat225 02/20/2018  12:32pm