• So far there are 6 names on the guys' unofficial list and 4 names on the girls'. I'm the only one here in person, and they should be opening the studio in about 17 min. (Or so I'm told)

    ALboy205 02/05/2013  7:40am


    K1116 02/05/2013  8:09am

    We're in the studio (6th floor). 10 names for guys, 5 for girls. About 6 people here

    ALboy205 02/05/2013  8:12am

    Any more people?

    LadyLuck 02/05/2013  9:14am

    23 men, 40 women

    ALboy205 02/05/2013  9:16am

    Hey everyone! I am noneq, got seen at ECC dance yesterday. Just in case anyone was wondering, yesterday they did a little type-out combination that was vert balletic and had a little soft shoe. Hope this helps for people who are deciding whether or not to go!

    auditionz 02/05/2013  9:23am

    Can I just say, i think it's ridiculous that the list for girls is already up to 40. The call isn't until 2 ladies. Sleep.

    emcfromtheno 02/05/2013  9:26am

    About 50 women on the list!

    deareoh 02/05/2013  9:27am

    Ballet, huh? Hmmm...

    And hey! In the winter audition season, 8 o'clock is sleeping in!

    HolidaeIn 02/05/2013  10:18am

    Up to 82 for girls.

    ampersand 02/05/2013  10:21am

    Are they accepting the unofficial lists?

    Fatsmash 02/05/2013  10:25am

    Omg 82 girls by 10:20?!! The call is not till 2pm. I give up, that's just stupid....

    needadrink 02/05/2013  10:30am

    I'm with you thatgirl and emcfromtheno. It's absurd. But what's the word? Any more girls signing up?

    lovrofthelight 02/05/2013  10:37am

    Past 100

    Bumblebee1 02/05/2013  11:40am

    when are they having us check in? 1 or 2? can we sell sign up at 2?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 02/05/2013  12:07pm

    They've collected headshots 1-35

    LadyLuck 02/05/2013  1:45pm

    Are they Still letting girls sign up? What number are they on!

    dancerm 02/05/2013  3:17pm