• In The Book Of... 02/05/2013  3:05pm

    Hey Guys.

    I'm lacing-up my "Big Boy Shoes" and going to my first ever straight play audition tomorrow. This one is for the "In The Book Of..." EPA's. Question. Are play EPA's anything like musical EPA's? As in, do I have to show up at the ass-crack of dawn as an EMC to sign some b.s. list and HOPEFULLY be seen?

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated...


    absolutely not. Every single straight play audition I have ever been to (like on Bway) has been a literal walk-in. I'm non-union and I'd usually get to the call an hour or so after it starts and they always say "You can be in the next group if you like".

    nyc1etoile 02/05/2013  11:47pm

    The only thing is...is this really only a 2 hour long call?

    NeverSleep 02/06/2013  12:48am

    Well, there's already almost 20 people waiting in line...Haha

    dracomalfroy2001 02/06/2013  7:49am

    nyc1etoile, if only that were always true! Yes, required calls for Broadway shows rarely fill up, but EPAs for regional theatres that are actually casting most definitely do. . . and this theatre breaks their EPA requirements into just 2 hour blocks for each specific show on different days throughout the year, instead of a whole day for a whole season at one time. Their calls almost always get crowded quickly.

    Thia 02/06/2013  8:39am