• Guys and Dolls Open call 02/06/2013  2:46pm

    I noticed the listing specifically said DO NOT arrive to the audition site earlier than 30 minutes beforehand, that unofficial lists wont be honored, and that cards would be handed out 30 minutes before. Anyone have any experience with this call in the past? Do people still show up at 6 am even though the female call doesn't start until later and the listing clearly says not to show up that early? And if so where would they wait? There is Nor'easter predicted for Friday so I'm trying to plan.


    People usually line up like EPA style but I've never really gotten there SUPER early for it....

    okgo 02/06/2013  2:50pm

    For the last one, I lined up at abut 1:00 with a bunch of other people, and the monitor got mad but let us keep the line. So I'm not sure.

    ChickenLittle 02/06/2013  3:09pm