• Guys & Dolls - WBT 02/07/2013  1:44am

    the open call posting says not to arrive before 30 minutes prior to audition time to get a card. does anyone know if they will/do accept unofficial lists? never been to their open call.


    i was wondering the same thing! it is sounding like they may not if it says not to come earlier but i'm unsure, anyone who has been before to their calls please post!

    ts22 02/07/2013  2:21am

    The Ecc is today. When it the open call?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 02/07/2013  7:20am

    The open call listing also says that unofficial lists will NOT be honored. Let's all be reasonable about this call, shall we? I think WBT has it right - nobody needs to be up/waiting in line at an ungodly hour!

    MPM87 02/07/2013  8:44am

    Hey when is the open call? I could only find info for the ECC

    DancRed 02/07/2013  12:59pm

    The open call is tomorrow at Nola.

    Anothersoprano 02/07/2013  1:03pm

    WBT NEVER, I repeat, NEVER accepts unofficial lists, no matter when you get tere, start a LINE! NOT A LIST. Some of us are still haunted by the WBT spelling bee massacre.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 02/07/2013  1:13pm

    Anyone heard if this might be getting postponed with the bad weather happening tomorrow? With it being a non eq call, I'm not sure how/when we would find out.

    needadrink 02/07/2013  4:19pm


    Nicasicilia13 02/07/2013  9:01pm