• ALADDIN ECC 02/08/2013  8:59am

    Is anyone there? I'm surprised there haven't been any posts? Can someone update, debating if I should brave the weather..


    Not a shitshow, but pretty packed.

    thejollyraja 02/08/2013  9:31am

    Pretty packed with girls?

    Ca2727 02/08/2013  9:36am

    Any word whether or not Non Equity men will be seen today?

    abcd 02/08/2013  9:56am

    Women are not until 2pm.

    JJ 02/08/2013  10:13am

    Call is basically closed. Non-eq may leave HS/Resume

    number43 02/08/2013  10:16am

    This is what is going on as far as I can tell. There are seeing a total of 130 men and 130 women. The number of equity men signed in are 123. That leaves 7 open for men. A non-eq list is in place. For women, the non-eq list has about 15 on it. No Equity women have come in yet. Guesses are they will be lining up closer to noon. If someone else can confirm this, great!

    Junesbutter 02/08/2013  10:16am

    Can anyone let us know who is in the room? Thank you.

    Roderick 02/08/2013  11:10am

    How are things looking at the men's call?

    gogogorojo 02/08/2013  11:23am

    How's the women's list looking? Is there a chance for non-equ?

    MissCantrice 02/08/2013  1:01pm

    Men's call done. Not too many equity women here yet.

    Junesbutter 02/08/2013  1:06pm

    Awesome, thanks!

    MissCantrice 02/08/2013  1:15pm

    are they taking non-eq women? an earlier post said they were only taking HS/resumes from non-eq?

    bob 02/08/2013  1:28pm

    Oh my goodness this is the slowest I have EVER heard a monitor read a list - I'm in the 200's, it'll be an hour before he gets to me lol!

    blondesoprano 02/08/2013  1:31pm

    how many girls are on the list? Anyone know who is in the room?

    rainey 02/08/2013  1:37pm

    How do they decide on that number of 130? Does that usually at least cover all equity signed up? Can anyone guess on how many is typical for a 4 hour dance call? Im in the 150's and wonder if I may not get seen. thanks!

    rainey 02/08/2013  2:44pm


    bob 02/08/2013  2:47pm

    I don't know where the number 130 came from - at chorus calls, they call the list, then any equity not on the list get cards - at that time they either type or see people - they have the option to close the call, meaning no one else can sign up, but if you are on the list when they call it, you will at least get typed :)

    emuhe 02/08/2013  2:54pm

    Hey just heading back. What number r they on?

    Woohoo! 02/08/2013  3:09pm