• Stages St Louis 02/08/2013  6:42pm

    The Dance Call for Stages St Louis WILL take place on Saturday, February 9th as scheduled.

    The Union Dance call for Stages St Louis, scheduled for Monday February 11th will see non union talent if...if...if time permits.


    Just a quick question -- The Stages St. Louis website calls tomorow a "Non- Union Chorus Call", and based on your previous posting it seems like its a dance call? Just to prevent anyone traveling in bad conditions, could we just firm up that its only a dance call? Sorry if I'm the only idiot who thought it was both dance and sing.

    asdfasdf12123 02/08/2013  6:49pm

    I'm a little confussed as well.

    needadrink 02/08/2013  8:07pm

    Me too...same call on 3 different sites and all a little different...guess ill pack extra for this one! ;)

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/08/2013  8:21pm

    I know someone who emailed to clarify earlier in the week ... it IS a dance call for sure.

    zeemra 02/08/2013  9:17pm

    Thank you!

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/08/2013  9:36pm

    I also have a quick question. WojcikSeayCasting, do you plan to type at the dance call tomorrow, in person or by headshot, as was done at the Tuacahn open call? Thank you!

    amandayachechak 02/08/2013  10:23pm

    This is at Pearl 500, correct?

    deareoh 02/08/2013  11:21pm

    It IS JUST A DANCE CALL!!!!!!!!

    I think this office tries to only do typing on an as needed basis, so it'll depend on how many ppl show up!

    taaadaaa 02/09/2013  12:30am

    Are people there yet? If so how many?

    needadrink 02/09/2013  5:54am

    Unofficial list was up to 16 about 20 minutes ago.

    theatrelover 02/09/2013  7:31am

    Any updates?

    Spot 02/09/2013  8:27am

    Ladies list is in the 60's!

    deareoh 02/09/2013  8:38am

    Has there been a men's list started?

    TheatreJock 02/09/2013  9:22am

    I didn't see a men's list yet!

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/09/2013  9:49am

    To be totally obnoxious--can someone report back with whether this dance combo is aimed at Legally Blonde or My Fair Lady or a scary composite?

    sausagefest 02/09/2013  9:57am