• Cape May Stage 02/09/2013  10:48am

    Anyone know if they'll be seeing non-equity this Monday? Has anyone worked/auditioned for them before?


    No one will know until the audition starts.

    KingJoffrey 02/09/2013  10:53am

    Does anyone know how it looks numbers wise?

    nxd262 02/11/2013  8:20am

    Non Eq dismissed until after Lunch

    Pinuptowngirl 02/11/2013  12:03pm

    I'm curious if this company holds appt days- I didn't see one on the breakdowns, but I found that strange.

    Xtinasings 02/11/2013  12:26pm

    Called up to 12 on the emc

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/11/2013  12:28pm

    Any appointments left? Alternate list #'s. Thanks.

    Harlequin 02/11/2013  12:32pm

    I am not sure about appointments but the Artistic Director did state to everyone in the room right before the audition began that they were casting from these two days of EPAs.

    Cart52 02/11/2013  3:31pm

    called up to 8 on the non equity list

    missstarlight 02/11/2013  4:05pm