• Sesame Street--live 02/11/2013  2:38am

    Anyone going to this? It's a dance call with a possibility of singing sides?


    I did this last year. It's a dance call... But then they have callbacks where you sing and do a monologue... Then another callback where they gave us sides and songs to learn. Maybe it'll be similar.

    strugglebus 02/11/2013  6:55am

    how many are on the list thus far?

    mmcalum 02/11/2013  9:44am

    18, tootally deserted here!

    bluebird137 02/11/2013  9:56am

    18, tootally deserted here!

    bluebird137 02/11/2013  10:02am

    How is the turn out? How late will the audition go until?

    sh11 02/11/2013  11:43am

    Has this call ended? Did you sing or dance first, and did they measure heights before the call?

    ontheway 02/11/2013  12:43pm