• It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman 02/11/2013  10:21am

    Hey Everybody. I heard that Encores! is taking agent submissions for this show. Is this true?




    Enterlaughing 02/11/2013  11:03am

    Anyone receive an appointment for the invited dance call yet? Thanks!

    a5678 02/12/2013  9:40pm


    blahblahblahblah 02/12/2013  10:14pm

    are they taking self submissions?

    Elphie318 02/12/2013  11:55pm

    BFAboy - Was that yup to the question about submissions or if you've actually received an appointment?

    a5678 02/13/2013  9:22am

    oops. yup I am going to the invited dance call....and it was through my agent....so that answers both questions.

    blahblahblahblah 02/13/2013  9:31am