• cape may epa 02/12/2013  7:43am

    Line is super short so far, about a dozen people, that's it.


    How busy is it now? How does it look for EMCs?

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 02/12/2013  8:38am

    how's it looking for appointments/ alternates?

    harlequin 02/12/2013  9:23am

    Can someone please post an update and what time lunch break is. Thanks

    Bumblebee1 02/12/2013  10:44am

    Lunch is 1 - 2 PM.

    Harlequin 02/12/2013  10:56am

    Any info on how this is lookin would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    TitsMcGee 02/12/2013  12:24pm

    Yeah, I'd be interested in knowing how day 2 is going of this call... I went yesterday and it was pretty mellow. Anyone know when callbacks for this might be?

    actionfigure 02/12/2013  12:28pm