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  • Fulton & Maltz Jupiter @ other 03/12/2018  5:24pm

    Just wondering if they normally have an open call for these theaters or if it's just tomorrow's EPA?


    No, but they usually have ECCs for each show

    bwaylvsong 03/12/2018  5:42pm

    does anyone know if they're actively casting for once now? aka should we bring our instruments for tomorrow's call?

    singsangsung15 03/12/2018  6:06pm

    oddly, the fulton theatre only has a character breakdown for treasure island but the equity call says ALL of the roles are available for both theatres. hope that helps in some way.

    lil b 03/12/2018  7:54pm

    Anyone know what this list is looking like?

    dance3looks3honestly 03/13/2018  5:42am

    11 on the list at 6:23!

    juliedaubigny 03/13/2018  6:41am

    21 on non eq and the emc and equity are combined in their own list so I can’t tell you who is here for fireside or this one. But last I heard it looks about 19 for emc and 25 for equity

    lil b 03/13/2018  7:08am

    How busy is this call today so far?

    Godihopeigetit17 03/13/2018  7:53am

    EMC sign up on 4th floor correct?

    Twinkle 03/13/2018  8:05am

    Bump on how many EMC are signed up so far

    itbeme 03/13/2018  8:33am

    Massively busy, as far as Equity goes.

    Brakes 03/13/2018  8:37am

    How’s this looking?

    CDM0713 03/13/2018  8:46am

    Time slots full, alternate list at 23 as of 8:53

    this is my username 03/13/2018  8:48am

    I was 41 on EMC about 20 minutes ago, but the monitor stepped out, so I’m assuming that’s still where it’s at.

    TinyDancer36 03/13/2018  8:55am

    Whyyyy is there only one EPA for this???

    whinerfirst 03/13/2018  9:01am

    EMC at 50, non-eq at 43

    adjacent2normal 03/13/2018  9:01am

    Just announced:
    No time for non-eq today.
    Equity alternate is at 82 so EMC hang tight but do with that what you will...

    adjacent2normal 03/13/2018  9:05am

    anyone have an update on status of equity alternate list?

    chhhhhe 03/13/2018  9:34am

    Are they accepting non-equity headshot drop offs?

    Let’srock,letsrock,today 03/13/2018  9:40am

    They've called up to 10 on the alternate list so far

    Danielalex 03/13/2018  9:40am

    Any more updates?

    Twinkle 03/13/2018  9:45am

    Are they accepting non-equity headshot drop offs?

    Let’srock,letsrock,today 03/13/2018  9:55am

    They just told EMC to go home for the day

    Danielalex 03/13/2018  9:59am

    Any more alternates called?

    A girl has no name 03/13/2018  10:03am

    Anyone know if they’re accepting drop-offs for non-eq? The call said Bob would take headshots with roles to be considered!

    danz4thegawdz 03/13/2018  10:04am

    Last alt number called please?

    lil b 03/13/2018  10:24am

    Last alt number called please?

    lil b 03/13/2018  10:26am

    Bump on ALT list

    Another singer another day 03/13/2018  10:38am

    Will someone please let us know what number on the Alt list they have reached?????

    Godihopeigetit17 03/13/2018  10:41am

    Called through 17 on the eq alt list :)

    Pollywannacallback 03/13/2018  10:44am

    Drop offs?

    lululemming 03/13/2018  10:48am

    21 on alts

    Trynaball 03/13/2018  10:58am

    How many alts are on the list?

    hchandler 03/13/2018  11:01am

    150 on alt list. 20-something called so far as of 11:00

    Another singer another day 03/13/2018  11:02am

    Hello and good morning to you all

    I am an actor

    (for the theatre)

    who would also like to know

    if the audition government is accepting headshot dropoffs

    thank you for coming

    HowGreatAreButtsAmIRight 03/13/2018  11:28am

    Update on Alts?

    Danielalex 03/13/2018  11:34am

    33 alts

    you'vegotafriendinme 03/13/2018  11:47am

    Any more called?

    Godihopeigetit17 03/13/2018  12:06pm

    Please confirm about drop offs. Thanks.

    Harlequin 03/13/2018  12:10pm

    Bump on alts please! This is the last group before lunch, if I'm not mistaken, right?

    Danielalex 03/13/2018  12:16pm

    Bump for alts. The breakdown on AEA said drop-offs welcome, especially if Bob knows you well. I also saw people leaving headshots/resumes with the monitor when I stopped by to sign up.

    Godihopeigetit17 03/13/2018  12:27pm

    Anyone know the last alt number called before lunch?

    Danielalex 03/13/2018  12:37pm

    Last attempt for the last alt #called before lunch lol

    Danielalex 03/13/2018  1:04pm

    42 on the alt list before lunch

    Trynaball 03/13/2018  1:31pm

    Through 50 on alts

    Trynaball 03/13/2018  2:01pm

    Bump for alts

    WHATISHAPPENING 03/13/2018  2:54pm

    Alt at about 60

    Monet Monet 03/13/2018  2:56pm

    74/210 Alts

    MTGrande 03/13/2018  3:34pm

    What alt # are they on? Thanks!!

    raspberryswirl 03/13/2018  4:09pm

    91 alts

    Godihopeigetit17 03/13/2018  4:15pm

    Now 102

    Godihopeigetit17 03/13/2018  4:18pm

    Update on alt # called ??

    GraceFace 03/13/2018  4:36pm


    Godihopeigetit17 03/13/2018  4:39pm

    Can somebody tell me who was in the room from Fulton Theatre Company? Thanks!

    HeyBalaga! 03/13/2018  6:21pm