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    lilymac 03/13/2018  8:52am


    Usernameunavailable 03/13/2018  11:22am

    Calling EMC and non-eq consistently all day, in every time slot. Sides are posted on wall in holding room. If you’re union you get them 20 minutes before your time. EMC and non-union pick a side when called.

    zeebooks 03/13/2018  11:31am

    additionally: I just read and went on w the day, if anyone else has different experience (adjustments, chat w the CD, whatever) let’s hear about it

    zeebooks 03/13/2018  11:34am

    Is Jim Carnahan ITR?

    twd 03/13/2018  11:42am

    Thanks zeebooks! So are there different sides for every character and you get to choose who you’re reading as?

    Where’s the line at 03/13/2018  12:31pm

    Who is ITR? Thanks!

    sneakypete 03/13/2018  1:01pm

    I'm wondering about the sides as well. Do you receive them as you go in to audition or do you have time to read through them and work on them first?

    citrouille 03/13/2018  1:48pm

    Just to clarify, my above post is regarding EMC and Non-Eq. Wondering if we only get to see the sides as we go in to audition!

    citrouille 03/13/2018  1:56pm

    Non-eq and EMC receive hard copy sides when their names are called, but all sides are posted on the walls throughout the day. Like an idiot I left without checking the "who's in the room" sheet. Anyone know who the woman was this AM? (For those asking if Jim Carnahan was the in the room: nope.)

    lamarque1 03/13/2018  3:10pm

    @lamarque1 thank you!

    citrouille 03/13/2018  6:06pm

    UDPATE: since others are asking, I believe that it may have been Carrie Gardner in the room today. I can't confirm bc I didn't check, but I described her to a colleague of mine who is v familiar w Carnahan offices and they said that's the gal!!!

    zeebooks 03/14/2018  12:28am

    Thanks zee books! So was this just a quick in, read and out situation? I’m nervous as my dialect isn’t perfect and ugh I’m just nervous for my appointment tomorrow!

    Where is here 03/14/2018  12:35am

    I mean, did they ask you any questions before your started or after? I’m worried I’ll lose my dialect if I don’t just go in and read immediately

    Where is here 03/14/2018  12:36am

    Jillian Cimini was the casting agent in the room and Jack was the name of the reader

    jgl 03/14/2018  1:21am