• Interlakes 02/12/2013  11:04pm

    Saw this on playbill:

    "Musicals Summer 2013

    Interlakes Summer Theatre
    Category: Performer

    Ain't MisBehavin, Dreamgirls, Les Mis, Forum, Full Monty

    Open call for Thursday Feb 20th is cancelled for callback time.

    Open calls Tuesday Feb 19 1-5 and Wednesday February 20th 10-5

    Seeking performers for 2,3, or more shows."

    I don't see any open call listed ever. I see EPAs posted for this week, but nothing about open calls next week and this is very confusing. Does anyone know what's happening with this?

    Thanks guys!!!


    that is correct! i submitted to them for an appointment time awhile back, and i recently received an email from them saying that they ran out of audition slots. they apologized and stated that those were now the times for the open calls, welcoming those who did not receive an appointment to attend them...

    however, they will apparently also be holding their appointments on those days, running the open call at the same time...?

    i'm a little confused and also worried how crowded and disorganized these audition days could potentially be, but of course i'll still be going. :P

    imapixie 02/13/2013  7:20am

    This is what I received via email:


    We have had an overwhelming response to our audition notice and all of the slots are now filled…but there are many of you who we would love to see at our NYC open call Tuesday, February 19th from 1-5 and Wednesday, Feb 20th from 10-5. We will see open call folks intermittently between appointments. Our experience is that there are often “no-shows”. If it is truly packed, we may opt to type, but we try not to. Theatre Row Studios 411 West 41st Street. Prep 16 & 32 bar versions of songs. There will no longer be an open call on Thursday Feb 21st as this day is reserved for callbacks.


    So I guess they will be squeezing people in throughout morning and afternoon of 19th is an open-call? As well as all day 20th. 21st just callbacks?

    eheitz 02/13/2013  12:42pm

    Thanks guys! This has been very very helpful!

    HolidaeIn 02/13/2013  10:59pm

    So the only open call is the 19th from 1-5? Oh boy.

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/14/2013  9:26am