• vittoriacorombona

    My bad-- Chelsea, not Telsey! Request for updates still stands :)

    vittoriacorombona 02/13/2013  12:49am

    Any info on this one yet? Busy, slots, alts, EMC, etc??? Thank you!

    Actingismylife 02/13/2013  10:01am

    Plenty of appointments left, starting at 10:50. Less than five on the EMC list. And Jack and his assistants are very sweet ITR!

    Erika 02/13/2013  10:09am

    Any appointments left for the afternoon?

    Harlequin 02/13/2013  12:11pm

    bump, please. :)

    tvolgenau 02/13/2013  1:50pm

    When I left, they started calling from the EMC list, have they reached nonequity yet?

    GGactress 02/13/2013  2:00pm

    There are 5 on EMC list. Did not get to NonEquity. Nonequity sign up has 30ppl on it.

    GGactress 02/13/2013  2:56pm

    Still plenty of appointments left for the afternoon.

    Harlequin 02/13/2013  3:10pm