• Aladdin EPA - Day 1 02/13/2013  10:51am

    Anyone know the status on non eq for today's call?
    Thanks so much!


    As of right now there are 58 people on the non-eq list posted outside the holding room. As far as I've heard they've only gotten to Equity and alternates up to this point

    yodari 02/13/2013  12:32pm

    Any updates for non eq?

    Pinch89 02/13/2013  3:16pm

    Who's in the room? And any news about non-eq?

    BryBry24688 02/13/2013  3:42pm

    Have called around 20 nonequity. Eric Woodall and Lindsay Levine in the room.

    nyc_etoile 02/13/2013  4:12pm

    Was this really crazy today? I'm equity and trying to get a feel for when to go get in line tomorrow!

    causeimablonde 02/13/2013  5:50pm

    It wasn't too crazy. They were pretty open with appointments later in the day and I know they got through all the EMCs (about 45 on the list) and they had gotten through about 30 non equity when I left at around 5pm. There were Equity slots still available well after lunch (230 PM) hope this helps! Break legs!

    jmichael 02/13/2013  9:59pm

    Thank you so much for the detailed response!! Now I know I don't have to wake up silly early, haha :)

    causeimablonde 02/13/2013  11:10pm