• jph

    Please get back with info on how busy this call is today, appointments/alternate list, etc. Thanks.

    Harlequin 02/13/2013  11:12am

    After lunch it was VERY quiet, and there IS an accompanist in the room today. Seeing non eq almost as fast as we arrived.

    its just me 02/13/2013  3:25pm

    Is the accompanist staying all day?

    bey207 02/13/2013  3:38pm

    This call is EMPTY. I'm non eq and was seen as soon as I walked in. There is an accomp. but the are closing the call 5:40 if no one shows!

    bey207 02/13/2013  4:50pm

    Any updates in this call for today 2/14 would be great!

    stq4l 02/14/2013  7:58am