• Cape Playhouse 2/14 02/14/2013  8:18am

    Any word on the situation today? Post if you're there please!


    line wrapped around room and out door

    auditionz 02/14/2013  8:47am

    What does the sign up look like?

    Berbobre2012 02/14/2013  9:02am

    Decent line. Not too terrible, though.

    aprince4whatever 02/14/2013  9:03am

    How does the noneq list look? Thanks!

    tryintomakeit 02/14/2013  9:46am

    Can someone post when they start calling the EMC list?? Thanks so much! Break legs everyone!

    LegsMcGee 02/14/2013  9:56am

    18 on the non equity list

    missstarlight 02/14/2013  10:45am

    any news on noneq potential? any help is appreciated, thanks!

    sing_happy 02/14/2013  11:12am

    Trying to juggle a couple other calls...can someone please update on status on EMC/non-eq and all that?? thanks a ton

    auditionz 02/14/2013  11:47am

    If anyone there could update on the number on the alternate list/seen that would be great (or if there are still appts - ha)

    emuhe 02/14/2013  11:51am

    They've gotten through 15 of 20ish alternates

    lookin4updatez 02/14/2013  12:45pm


    How many are on the Equity alt list, and how many have been called?


    James 02/14/2013  12:54pm

    Any update on non eqs?

    Actorshelpingactors 02/14/2013  2:05pm

    bump please

    auditionz 02/14/2013  3:11pm

    bump please

    auditionz 02/14/2013  3:23pm

    Question: Is the third day of this EPA tomorrow (Friday the 15th) or on February 19th??

    The listing on Playbill said the auditions were Wednesday the 13th, Thursday the 14th and Friday the 19th... The last of which is not a date this year in February.

    Does anyone have any info on this? My apologies if it has been covered before! :)

    loverlee 02/14/2013  7:39pm

    So I guess there is no EPA today for Cape??? Is it next Friday? So confused!

    stq4l 02/15/2013  8:47am

    I think it's tues the 19th because backstage says it's the 19th

    ChickenLittle 02/16/2013  7:21pm