• Aladdin EPA 2/15 02/15/2013  8:32am

    Hi, could someone please post who's in the room when you get a moment? Thanks so much!!!


    Eric Woodall is in the room now. Lindsey Lavine is coming later. Lots of open slots. Only 11 EMC when I left 20 min ago. 67+ on non-eq. Some jerk signed up 37 of his friends .... Or maybe he transfered the unofficial list, but it didn't look like it. Grrrrrr

    eheitz 02/15/2013  10:38am

    He was transferring the lists. The monitor asked someone to do it.

    anabthequeen 02/15/2013  11:01am

    Have any non eq been called yet?

    HappyActor 02/15/2013  11:51am