• Interlakes - open call 02/18/2013  12:49am

    So these are tuesday (1-5) and wednesday (10-5), but where are they? Theatre Row?


    Yes it's at Theatre Row Studios

    Beltforyourlife 02/18/2013  1:52am

    how is this working for open call? is whoever shows up just getting seen in between appointment or if there are no shows? anyone auditioned for them before?

    Elphie318 02/18/2013  5:06pm


    consignhc 02/18/2013  7:15pm

    For all those who went today, what were they asking for ITR ? Also, who was ITR today as well ? Thanks in advance :)

    Beltforyourlife 02/18/2013  8:09pm

    According to Playbill, it's 16-32 bars of a song and a short monologue.

    bowe123 02/18/2013  11:25pm

    Hi Guys! ITR: Nancy Barry (Producing Artistic Director), Dax Valdes (Casting Director), Brittany Bara (General Manager).

    Open calls this week will be at Theatre Row Studios 411 W. 41st St.

    We will honor the unofficial lists and we will type if it gets too crowded.

    Equity monitor will not be provided and Equity rules will not be in effect for these open calls. Thanks and break legs!

    andicancooktoo 02/19/2013  12:05am

    Thanks so much for the info!!

    pennyforyourthoughts 02/19/2013  12:41am

    Thanks so much for the info !
    Quick question: a few other posters said they asked for a monologue and a song (16-32 bars) OR two short songs... Yet when I got my appointment email, they didn't say anything about a monologue. Very confused over here lol

    Beltforyourlife 02/19/2013  2:51am

    Both days Tuesday and Wednesday are open call?

    K1116 02/19/2013  3:22am

    We will be doing open calls both days and squeezing as many people as possible in during appts. too!

    To speed things up and so we can see as many people as possible, we will just be asking for a 16 bar cut today.

    Break legs everyone :)

    andicancooktoo 02/19/2013  7:56am

    How's it looking over there?

    bowe123 02/19/2013  9:43am

    Has a list been started?

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/19/2013  9:53am


    Suzej 02/19/2013  10:52am

    We have started seeing people from the open call list in between appointments. We will start back at the top of the list at 1PM and honor the unofficial list at the beginning of our posted "open call" time.

    andicancooktoo 02/19/2013  11:53am

    how long is the list????

    haveAseat 02/19/2013  12:06pm

    list is up to 86.

    andicancooktoo 02/19/2013  12:26pm

    Does anyone know how many they have called off the unofficial list?

    missbunny 02/19/2013  1:31pm

    Was the director for les mis in the room for the earlier groups around 1030ish? I could have sworn the monitor said the les mis dir was in the room while we were waiting online but cant remember for sure. Thank you for any info!

    smiles 02/19/2013  1:38pm

    Are they doing callbacks in the room?

    McFizzle 02/19/2013  2:04pm

    We've called up through number 53 on the Open Call List.

    ITR today: Nancy Barry (producing artistic dir.) Dax Valdes (Casting Director) Thom Caska and Inaki Baldassarre (co-dir for Full Monty) Mason Griffin (music dir./accomp)

    andicancooktoo 02/19/2013  2:19pm

    We've called up through number 53 on the Open Call List.

    ITR today: Nancy Barry (producing artistic dir.) Dax Valdes (Casting Director) Thom Caska and Inaki Baldassarre (co-dir for Full Monty) Mason Griffin (music dir./accomp)

    andicancooktoo 02/19/2013  2:20pm

    What number are they on?

    ontheway 02/19/2013  2:25pm

    thank you!

    smiles 02/19/2013  2:37pm

    We're up to #69 on the Open Call List!


    andicancooktoo 02/19/2013  2:54pm

    So tomorrow there are apts. and the open call list will be seen as time permits? Is that what I'm understanding?

    K1116 02/19/2013  7:40pm

    How many Equity contracts do you have for the summer season?

    nynysinger 02/19/2013  7:45pm

    were they doing callbacks ITR?

    winged 02/19/2013  9:03pm

    Anyone have an idea what number on the open call list they got up to today? Did they get through all?

    bowe123 02/20/2013  3:26am

    Has an unofficial list already begun?

    To the artistic staff - when do you believe the first of the list will be seen?

    vmrash 02/20/2013  3:39am


    srp326 02/20/2013  5:39am

    Any news on an unofficial list being up yet?

    justanotherauditioner 02/20/2013  5:41am

    Unofficial list just started

    tired123 02/20/2013  5:48am

    How many on the list so far?

    Jessika 02/20/2013  6:09am

    What about those of us that have appointments ? IF there is a line, should we wait on it as well ? Also, how early should we with appointments need to arrive ? 35 mins beforehand ?

    Beltforyourlife 02/20/2013  6:29am

    List is at 25

    kitkat500 02/20/2013  6:56am

    About 28 names on the unofficial list.

    ALboy205 02/20/2013  7:01am

    Thanks for the updates!! :)

    Jessika 02/20/2013  7:08am

    Anyone know what time the studio opens?

    ALboy205 02/20/2013  7:10am

    I'm 32 on the unofficial list. What time does this space open? I've never been there before.

    frecklysoprano1 02/20/2013  7:14am

    I seem to remember it opening later. 9 maybe? I might be making that up.

    cait889 02/20/2013  7:24am

    I seem to remember it opening later. 9 maybe? I might be making that up.

    cait889 02/20/2013  7:24am

    Do we need to be there at 9:30 if we're on the unofficial list? Are they seeing people off the unofficial list in between appointments? Also, if we miss our number, will we be able to get seen as we arrive?

    JusNikki54 02/20/2013  7:28am

    Theatre row opens at 9:30

    we will honor the unofficial list.

    the open call will run similar to yesterday. we will see as many people as we can in between appts. yesterday we saw 130 ppl. off the open call list (everyone that signed up got seen)

    some people will be asked to come back and dance at 5. Callbacks will be held on Thursday and we will contact you at the end of the day; they are not happening ITR.

    ITR TODAY: Nancy Barry, Dax Valdes, Mason Griffin (accomp.), Inaki Baldassarre (dir/chor of Full Monty)

    andicancooktoo 02/20/2013  7:53am

    Unofficial list at 65 a couple minutes ago

    bwaylvsong 02/20/2013  8:30am

    Hey! Hope everyone's doing well this freezing morning! Does anyone know if the monitors took the list? Just making sure it didn't blow away or something!

    Machart 02/20/2013  9:08am

    Said they will cut off the list at 200. List is inside so not sure how many are on it.

    elphie 02/20/2013  9:23am

    Doors are open. list is at 100 and growing.

    if the room gets too crowded, we will type, so if you want to get seen please be here by 10

    andicancooktoo 02/20/2013  9:35am

    Did they type yet? Am I too late?

    meggan 02/20/2013  10:24am

    we DID NOT type. we have called through #28.


    andicancooktoo 02/20/2013  10:47am

    They want ONLY 16 bars, right? Cause that's kinda all I have with me...

    bwaylvsong 02/20/2013  10:58am

    HEY andicancooktoo


    You go Glenn Coco!

    AuditionUpdate 02/20/2013  11:11am

    Yes! 16 BARS is what we want. If you have a great 8 Bars, you'll impress those in the room even more ;)

    We have called through 31.

    andicancooktoo 02/20/2013  11:15am

    I love when casting personnel use this site in real time! Thank you!!

    JoyfulGirl 02/20/2013  11:34am

    What number are they on now?

    ashley07148 02/20/2013  12:48pm

    We are through 46...taking a quick break until 1:15 and we'll get started with 47-51 at 1:15

    andicancooktoo 02/20/2013  12:58pm


    russelldominic 02/20/2013  2:08pm

    Couldn't get there this morning bc of work etc...if I come over now any chance id be seen (non-eq) btw :) thanks!!

    tryintomakeit 02/20/2013  2:15pm

    sign up list is now closed for the day.

    we have called through #60. it was slow this morning, but we seem to be picking up speed now :)

    andicancooktoo 02/20/2013  2:17pm

    What number are they up to now? Worth #130 trying to come back? Thanks for the updates guys! :)

    alittlebrainsalittletalent 02/20/2013  3:17pm

    we have called thru #87.

    I believe we will see everyone on the list today! so keep

    andicancooktoo 02/20/2013  4:08pm