• Cape Playhouse 02/18/2013  4:45pm

    Dear anyone who attended Cape Playhouse's EPA last week:

    Did they allow two short musical cuts? Or just a choice of short song or monologue/short song combo? Thanks!


    Did they see non eq?

    perkypants 02/18/2013  4:53pm

    is it song(s) or song/monologue tomorrow? how was it last week? were EMC seen?

    Elphie318 02/18/2013  5:05pm

    They did see EMC on Wednesday, not Thursday. They only heard one 32 bar cut.

    Whovians 02/18/2013  5:11pm

    so no non-eq either day?

    perkypants 02/18/2013  6:35pm

    Wednesday was pretty empty because they said there would be no accompanist, but then there was. So u believe they saw anyone who came in that day, but it was empty because no one thought there was going to be signing. I do know that there were a few equity people that left the Thursday call with the intention to come back tomorrow.

    Whovians 02/18/2013  7:20pm

    What's the word down there today at Nola? Line? List? Update please :-)

    frecklysoprano1 02/19/2013  6:02am

    Not bad at all but it's still very early.

    FairyPerdita 02/19/2013  7:23am

    Line from 250 to the 24 hr Garage

    Jen1016 02/19/2013  7:49am

    The line is just about to 8th avenue now.

    Pavementpounder3000 02/19/2013  8:09am

    Updates about appointments appreciated! :)

    balance321 02/19/2013  9:00am

    Pretty full but still a couple of appts. in the afternoon after lunch.

    mboi 02/19/2013  9:32am

    Only one appointment left at 2:50. Alternate list at 10. EMC at 21. Producing Artistic Director Evans Haile ITR and he is the accompanist as well. Happy auditioning!

    theruraljuror 02/19/2013  10:06am

    If someone could post when they start seeing EMC's.....

    Dp21379n 02/19/2013  10:14am

    FYI the director is also the accompanist just so you are prepared.

    FairyPerdita 02/19/2013  10:17am

    Last week they did see a 16 Bar cut and a short monologue, as long as it was under 2 min.

    Harlequin 02/19/2013  10:32am

    They just told all the non-eq people to come back after lunch.

    blahblah729 02/19/2013  10:55am

    Any update? Have they called any EMCs?

    GoodGolly 02/19/2013  11:57am

    The alternate list has come to a screeching halt, for reasons unknown...only up to 12

    Hip Hop Anonymous 02/19/2013  12:32pm

    Any word on EMCs?

    nickname 02/19/2013  2:29pm

    Haven't started EMC. Approx 23 or 24 alternates called there are 57 Ish on the alternate list. EMC is very up in the air. Non Eq is pretty much not happening

    Elphie318 02/19/2013  2:38pm

    The monitor just released EMC for the day. After doing some number crunching they deduced the equity alternate list was too long to see EMC.

    Dreamcatcher 02/19/2013  3:51pm

    Can someone tell me what number they are up to on the alternate list? Please and thank you!!

    Chaitea 02/19/2013  4:10pm

    30-35 alternates called I believe but that was half and hr ago. Good luck

    Elphie318 02/19/2013  5:06pm