• Film Audition Advice 02/18/2013  11:12pm

    Seeking advice from fellow actors...

    I have a rare audition tomorrow for two lines in a real big-budget movie. I have only had a handful of auditions like this in my life, and booked none of them. I have taken film audition classes, and I have been around long enough to not be an idiot. But still, I have not booked this kind of job before!

    Anyone have any golden rules or great specific advice for a short film audition of this kind?

    Many thanks!!!


    unfortunately for those 1-3 liners, its kinda hard to "get it right". and they are the hardest also. most of the time its all about a specific look they are wanting. I cant tell you the ridiculous reasons i have heard before. Best advice, just go in there and don't over think it :)

    needadrink 02/18/2013  11:20pm

    Do you have the whole script handy? Or at least the whole scene?

    I'd say it's very important to think about the moment right before yours. Think about what your character might be doing, even physically, right before you speak. Are you in a kitchen? A police station? Have you been in that room before? Would you be looking around? How might your attitude be? How would you be physically? It'll help for those three lines to seem "fuller" and to give your character context.

    ...If that makes any sense.

    bowe123 02/18/2013  11:24pm

    With these small, small parts, think about what function your character/part/line is in the bigger picture of the scene/film. Is it to direct the main character to the villain during an action scene? Then simply focus on doing that during your audition, the director doesn't want to slow down the action for you to show off your vast acting chops and character work.

    Also, I've noticed when I've cast a few things---
    usually these small roles have simple character names such as "cranky woman" or "mysterious man." Use these as clues to who the person is and their function in the grand scheme of the play! I see so many actors trying to play against the really helpful hints they've been given, because it might make them more interesting, but that's not what we're looking for in the one or two line roles!

    lalalaaa 02/19/2013  9:28am

    These small parts (under fives, 1 lines etc.) are all about exposition and atmosphere.

    Your job is either to provide atmosphere (you're the cashier at the bodega) or give the main & supporting characters information ("He went that way." "Oh yeah, I know her. She's at the coffee shop every Tuesday.")

    You can have 38 Shakespeare plays on your resume and 47 production Broadway contracts and it JUST DOESN'T MATTER. They're looking for a specific look/type that best suits the shot & the person you'll be acting with in the scene. Technique, talent, etc. barely come into the equation - and that's ok.

    Go into it off book, dressed to suggest the role and have fun. It's really all that you can do for these little gems. Use the reader as your partner and be open to adjustments from the CD.

    Good luck and I hope you book it!

    RoadMap 02/19/2013  1:09pm

    Audition done, and I am grateful for all of the above advice!

    In a nutshell...these things don't sam to be much about solid acting, do they??? I must be far too boring looking to book them!!!

    But this one...well, I guess I will find out soon.

    Thanks all!

    Snarky 02/19/2013  1:32pm


    You got it. They are not about acting at all. It's about look/type/feel ... but all of the business of acting stuff (being on time, building relationships with the CDs) - that's all the same!

    Glad it went well!

    RoadMap 02/19/2013  1:48pm