• Pittsburg CLO 02/19/2013  1:36pm

    Does anybody know what this call usually looks like? I feel like I've heard the non eq never gets seen but perhaps I'm thinking of a different EPA. If anybody might know what it's looked like in the past please fill us in. =) have a great day!


    Does anybody know the typical line up situation at this location? Thanks!

    1234Anne 02/19/2013  3:40pm

    Is Telsey studios at 311 W 43rd St?

    thesunllcomeouttomorrow 02/20/2013  1:59am

    How does the line look?

    Elphie318 02/20/2013  7:11am

    Not bad right now. My GUESS is about 30 people. 1 line so not sure about union vs. nonunion.

    FairyPerdita 02/20/2013  7:42am

    More crowded now, approx 80-100 people here. Not a madhouse though.

    Live2laugh2dance 02/20/2013  8:27am