• Evita Open Call - Thursday 02/19/2013  1:41pm

    I wasn't able to attend the ECC today, and I was wondering if anyone knows how Telsey usually handles the "list" situation at open calls...do you have to physically wait in line till signups start at 8? Thanks!


    When I went to their open call for the Mistress on B
    way, they did not accept the unofficial list and it was utter pandemonium because no one kept the line. So 250 girls mobbed the table to sign up when the monitor took the unofficial list, threw it away and was like, "Here's the official list, sign yourselves up." It was like he threw chum into a swarm of ravenous sharks. It was AWFUL.

    So for God's sake, keep the bloody line at Telsey. They never accept unofficial lists.

    BruuuceHead 02/19/2013  10:09pm

    its at pearl though right? not Telsey

    Youareenough 02/20/2013  11:54am

    Yes, it's at Pearl.

    PasséEnRelevé5678 02/20/2013  5:04pm

    It is literally going to be 20 degrees in the morning. What time are people getting there? I don't want to get sick waiting in the cold.

    bey207 02/20/2013  6:14pm

    agreed....are people gonne b crazy and be there at like 5? i thought 7 was more reasonable.

    Youareenough 02/20/2013  7:22pm

    We should stay in a line and sign up in that order

    jpbroadway 02/20/2013  8:17pm

    Yeeeaaaah... Weather report is saying it's gonna be in the low 20 degrees but due to wind, it's gonna feel like 10 degrees. #FML

    BruuuceHead 02/20/2013  8:38pm

    Guys can we just please just make a non eq pact to get there at 7...like please...its going to be 16 degrees in the morning and we will all get sick and cry...haha

    tryintomakeit 02/20/2013  8:47pm

    Agreed! Half of us are still recovering from the flu, so let's save the crazy for a warmer day!!!

    J1 02/20/2013  9:36pm

    See you all at 6am! Ugh. I'll be the one with the flask full of whiskey in my hand.

    iPoop 02/20/2013  10:17pm

    Wait I thought we were all trying for 7? Lol

    poopie 02/21/2013  12:00am


    If you bring whiskey, I'll bring honey and spices and we'll make hot toddies for everyone in line.


    J1 02/21/2013  12:24am

    So I'm trying to fall asleep after work, and bitches are prob waking up to get in line now...

    iamplayingme 02/21/2013  3:07am

    Don't forget guys it's Pearl 519 not 520!! I've never done an open call at 519, do they let us in the bldg like across the street? It said sign up is at 8am so at least an hour of cold will be shaved off!

    Juicy1104 02/21/2013  4:29am

    Do they take an unofficial list? I really d

    K1116 02/21/2013  4:50am


    iPoop 02/21/2013  5:01am

    how many people are in line already?

    chollin2 02/21/2013  5:05am



    abcdefg 02/21/2013  6:01am

    What time does 519 Pearl let us inside?

    JusNikki54 02/21/2013  6:03am

    Alittle over 30 so far. The line is getting messy but we have list that everyone is going honor when we line up to head up stairs

    chollin2 02/21/2013  6:11am

    Around 45 on the unofficial list!

    nerdalert 02/21/2013  6:13am

    How about now? When does the building open? And are people singing up and leaving to sit inside somewhere or are we braving the cold?....I think I'll wear a sleeping bag #fml #aintNObodygottimeforthat

    tryintomakeit 02/21/2013  6:14am

    The building is

    iPoop 02/21/2013  6:35am

    The building is open. They let us upstairs. Looks like it's about 70-80 people here. #noneqpeopleneedtolearnhowtomakelines

    iPoop 02/21/2013  6:37am

    Try to keep the line as best as possible, guys... Telsey's track record shows they generally don't accept unofficial lists.

    BruuuceHead 02/21/2013  6:38am

    Unofficial list is at 130, we r inside :)

    CurlySue 02/21/2013  6:53am

    THERE IS A LINE. some people are walking in, signing up, and sitting against the wall....GET IN LINE!! Lets do this! :)

    ckactor 02/21/2013  6:59am

    I'm agreeing with ckactor. Non eq can embarrass me sometimes. We all read the same post, make a line, not difficult. Equity does it everyday!

    needadrink 02/21/2013  7:11am

    How many people are there at this point?

    verose 02/21/2013  7:26am

    About 200 people now

    CurlySue 02/21/2013  7:36am

    Ok, so I realize this mess is happening because Telsey doesn't do unofficial lists. Buuuuut all you haters of the unofficial list out there...is this REALLY better?? Really??? Instead of one nice easy list that people can sign and then leave and go about their business? Sure, we all hate when people sign up their friends, but guess what...everyone and their friends are here...and there are still 200 people by 7:30...and now we're crammed into the rooms and hallways 519 scowling at each other.

    Yuck. Yuck, I say.

    baritnr 02/21/2013  7:50am

    Equity folks make and wait in line every day. Might as well get in the habit now. We're all gonna be equity one day, right? That's the goal, isn't it?

    BruuuceHead 02/21/2013  7:57am

    True, but as I've said before, I truly feel that unofficial lists are (among other things) are actually a benefit of being non-eq. There are some of us that do choose not be equity. (Did I just commit blasphemy?) Yes, someday when the time (and economy) is right, the Card shall be mine! But I digress. I'm a rules follower. I will line up all day if that's what I have to do. But if I don't...and I can leave and warm up or shower or...eat an omelet at amici36...instead of waiting for hours, wasting time in a giant line...then let's be for realzies...who WOULDN'T prefer to do that?

    baritnr 02/21/2013  8:07am

    The line is wrapped around the inside of pearl. Probably 200

    Megasing 02/21/2013  8:13am

    They are seeing everyone who is signed up before 9. Giving people numbers and telling them when to come back. Well over 200 in line.

    mamarose 02/21/2013  8:22am

    Can the people that are waiting here keep us updated on what number they're currently auditioning?

    Ahartwalker 02/21/2013  8:26am

    I am #271 and there's quite a few people behind me.

    dancingG 02/21/2013  8:59am


    iLoveLucy1986 02/21/2013  9:06am

    What number have they called to?

    BruuuceHead 02/21/2013  9:28am

    Have they cut it to 8 bars?

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/21/2013  9:36am

    They are seeing everyone who is signed up before 9. Giving people numbers and telling them when to come back. Well over 200 in line.

    mamarose 02/21/2013  9:39am

    Anyone know who is in the room today??

    mamarose 02/21/2013  9:51am

    When are the telling people to come back? Like people after 100 come back at ...?

    Ahartwalker 02/21/2013  9:52am

    They have lined up to number 90...not sure how many have been i believe they've seen up to 35 or something

    tryintomakeit 02/21/2013  9:55am

    Okay... They have lined people up ridiculously early, through number 90. But they aren't moving that fast, so folks after 100 probably have another hour or so to safely kill. They have seen up through about 40 in an hour, if that helps you figure how fast they are moving.

    BruuuceHead 02/21/2013  9:58am

    FYI As of now they are on #45!!

    dancingG 02/21/2013  10:07am

    Just announced they only want 8 bars. Thbbppth.

    BruuuceHead 02/21/2013  10:32am

    What # ?

    PeasandcarrotsPeasandcarrots 02/21/2013  10:39am

    What number have they called up to?

    castlecrashers 02/21/2013  10:40am

    They have lined up to like 110, and number 73 just sang in the room.

    Asking for 8 bars now.

    CurlySue 02/21/2013  10:49am

    who is in the room?

    GreatWhiteWay 02/21/2013  11:19am

    What number are they up to at this point?

    And does anyone know what time they're taking lunch??

    verose 02/21/2013  11:22am

    They are typing now. 15 at a time

    Megasing 02/21/2013  11:47am

    They are typing now. 15 at a time

    Megasing 02/21/2013  11:55am

    Anyone know if they are giving callbacks ITR?!

    bey207 02/21/2013  12:03pm

    What # are they on for typing? I'm in early 200s... Did I miss it?

    Hemingwaywasright 02/21/2013  12:10pm

    What are they doing about people who aren't there for typing since they already have headshots?

    In the early 200's and currently stuck in astoria waiting for a double transfer bc the trains have gone stupid.

    verose 02/21/2013  12:12pm

    Anyone get who was itr?

    IKnowThingsNow 02/21/2013  5:10pm

    Kristen blodgette - music supervisor

    Seth skylar-heyn - associate director

    Craig burns - casting

    Ahartwalker 02/21/2013  5:21pm