• Side Show Open Call 02/21/2013  11:24am

    Hey y'all! I was unable to attend the previous EPA/ECC for Side Show at La Jolla and am seriously considering attending the open call. I avoid open calls in general, so I really don't know what to expect.

    Anyone have any tips for attending this call? Sign up starts at 9 @ Pearl. How early should I expect to get there if I want to be seen at a reasonable time? I'm AEA, but I assume that doesn't matter at all at an open call, right?

    Thanks for any advice you guys may be able to share!


    Based on the other open calls lately, the lineups are starting around 5am, give or take. Even though this is a specific show and not a season, I assume it'll be just as mad. I think I'm planning to get there for 6am.

    That being said, it also appears that most people in line by about 730am are seen at some point during the day. So depending on what kind of chance you want to take ... etc., etc.

    zeemra 02/21/2013  12:23pm


    Elphie318 02/23/2013  11:26am