• Dorothy07

    8 in line.

    zeemra 02/22/2013  5:25am

    Waiting outside ?

    K1116 02/22/2013  5:28am

    Just let inside. Bless the security guard.

    zeemra 02/22/2013  5:34am

    how many?

    ravenclaw 02/22/2013  5:46am

    30ish. Inside (in the back hall) with a list for the sake of having an order because people are sitting in clumps.

    zeemra 02/22/2013  6:00am

    Any updates on the line?

    AutumnJoan 02/22/2013  6:47am

    We are in the holding room on the 12th and people seem to be finding the line concept a struggle ...

    That aside, it's definitely nearing 100.

    zeemra 02/22/2013  6:54am

    Aloha Kakahiaka! List up to 105 now at the Mamma Mia open call. :-)

    PineapplePrincess 02/22/2013  7:08am

    Some great people took charge, made a list (just to keep the order), and are trying to keep an organized line! Up to a little over 100.

    JoyfulGirl 02/22/2013  7:12am