• Bump?

    s_mike13 02/22/2013  6:42am

    Any updates?

    Rosie 02/22/2013  7:06am

    What time is sign up?

    justanotherauditioner 02/22/2013  7:44am

    What time is sign up?

    justanotherauditioner 02/22/2013  7:52am

    What time is sign up?

    justanotherauditioner 02/22/2013  7:53am

    Does anyone know what the line looks like?

    Berbobre2012 02/22/2013  8:43am

    Must be like 200 people. Only about 11 on non-eq list but who knows if they'll even have time to see

    Thisisme 02/22/2013  9:15am

    Does anyone think they will actually see EMC today? Is it worth going to sign up? Thanks!

    AKW 02/22/2013  9:30am

    How about the alternate list? How does that look so far?

    Singitsister 02/22/2013  9:45am

    Will someone update on alternates when they start? You all rock! Break legs everyone!

    Berbobre2012 02/22/2013  9:57am

    Non eq list up to 32. Not sure if we will be seen though or not. A lot of people here...

    NJNY 02/22/2013  10:10am

    Can someone post who's in the room?

    Gypsy33 02/22/2013  10:12am

    When you read the title of this post, it is very meta.

    AuditionUpdate 02/22/2013  10:14am

    They haven't started seeing people yet...not a good sign for us EMC and non-union folk.

    s_mike13 02/22/2013  10:15am

    LMAO @AuditionUpdate....that is very funny.

    Gypsy33 02/22/2013  10:17am

    Hey guys-
    Are they seeing EMC? How many on EMC list? Lengthy alternate list?

    Marcy18 02/22/2013  10:20am

    Anyone know what number they're at on EMC sign up? Thanks!

    febale 02/22/2013  10:24am

    I'm number 36 on the emc. The pianist isn't here yet so they aren't seeing people yet. They said non eq will not be seen till after lunch. 230

    dartavia 02/22/2013  10:31am

    Thanks for the info! Can you post who is in the room when it goes up?

    Gypsy33 02/22/2013  10:35am

    Cesar Rocha is in the room. The pianist still isn't here and they don't know when he'll show up. So far they have been telling the first groups that they will hold another day of auditions specifically for them and they will not be seen today to keep the schedule on track. And I have no idea what the situation is with alternates, but I'm one of them.

    carpediem 02/22/2013  10:38am

    Said they are willing to see non-eq time permitting after lunch, but with this pianist holdup and all equity slots full, I'm thinking the chances of that happening are super slim...

    Rosie 02/22/2013  10:42am


    Gypsy33 02/22/2013  10:44am

    The accompianist has not arrived so the people with time slots in the am are having their information taken to be called in for an appointment. They are trying to honor appointment times, but its getting real strange over here.

    justbeachy 02/22/2013  10:45am

    Just showed up and I'm 39 on the alternate list.

    LucyRose 02/22/2013  10:56am

    EMC check back after lunch.

    This is strange. They don't know an accompanist in midtown who is free and can run over and fill in until whoever is supposed to be there shows up?

    s_mike13 02/22/2013  11:00am

    The pianist is here! Huzzah!

    carpediem 02/22/2013  11:04am

    Tom, I just audibly laughed on the train.

    balance321 02/22/2013  11:13am

    Tom, I just audibly laughed on the train.

    balance321 02/22/2013  11:13am

    Will anyone please post updates on the alternate situation down there throughout the day? (Even as close to the end as possible.) how many have been called, how many are left, etc.

    Oneofmany 02/22/2013  11:15am

    Tom- amazing. Simply amazing.

    Bento Tinderbox 02/22/2013  11:17am

    They have called thru alternate #10...one person (Cesar Rocha) in the room plus pianist. Going quickly.

    Singitsister 02/22/2013  11:30am

    Will someone please post if they start seeing/make any more announcements regarding non-eq? Thanks!

    Rosie 02/22/2013  11:57am

    Holy moly alternate list. Have they gone past #10 yet?

    LucyRose 02/22/2013  12:07pm

    When they break for lunch, can someone please give an alternate update? How many are left? Trying to figure out if it's even worth going back there when they get back from lunch.

    s_mike13 02/22/2013  12:19pm

    apparently they're up to 46 on the alternate. I was 39 and missed it, guess there were a lot of no shows.

    LucyRose 02/22/2013  12:47pm


    Gypsy33 02/22/2013  1:04pm

    Any news on non-equity or still saying to check after lunch?

    HappyActor 02/22/2013  1:07pm

    What alternate number are they up to and how many are on the list?

    wherebrooklyn@ 02/22/2013  1:33pm

    Right before lunch they'd gotten through #56.

    balance321 02/22/2013  1:41pm

    do you know out of how many?
    thanks for all the updates!

    s_mike13 02/22/2013  1:41pm

    Non-eq sent home (but they are accepting drop-offs). EMC stick around. They're not sure about us yet.

    Gimmemycardalready 02/22/2013  2:39pm

    Can anyone post how many alternates there are and what number they are up to? Thanks!!

    essexboy 02/22/2013  2:39pm

    Noneq sent away

    iLoveLucy1986 02/22/2013  2:43pm

    They are on alt 65 out of 86

    Gimmemycardalready 02/22/2013  2:51pm

    Any more updates on alternates? Who they're up to? Thank you so much!!!

    Oneofmany 02/22/2013  3:52pm

    Did emcs end up getting seen? I sat there all day and then had to leave

    Elphaba4lyfe 02/23/2013  1:39pm

    I'm surprised this call was so busy. People have to be realistic and do their research. This show is a NYC premiere and had two readings at high profile regional theater. Unlikely they are going to cast anyone either a) without MAJOR credits or b) who hasn't done the show before

    dopplegang 02/24/2013  9:37am

    I obviously can't speak for anyone else, but I went to this call to be seen by Telsey; not to get cast in the show. I have no expectations for this particular show. What I do have expectations for is continuing to build my relationship with one of the biggest casting offices in the city.

    Also, the first couple EMCs that were left at the end of the day were seen. Not sure what number on the list they were because a bunch of people didn't stick it out the entire day.

    s_mike13 02/24/2013  1:02pm