• ToFormAMorePerfectUnion

    There are literally 5 people in line as of 8:10

    ritamee 02/22/2013  8:07am

    What's it look like now?

    Berbobre2012 02/22/2013  8:42am

    People are trickling in, but still lots of appointments open. And they have already confirmed willing to see EMCs and Non-eq time permitting.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 02/22/2013  9:25am

    Is the list still short? Have they seen any non-eq yet?

    sporkydab17 02/22/2013  9:43am

    Nevermind I just checked the posting and saw that they don't start until 10:00...my bad

    sporkydab17 02/22/2013  9:45am

    Any updates on alt list or emc list?

    And1 02/22/2013  10:38am

    They are moving along pretty quickly. EMCs have been called into each group. Only 8 on the non equity list but none have been called. You know how it is. It "looks" hopeful for non equity, but ya just never know!

    Dr. Sattler 02/22/2013  10:38am

    Whats the word on non-equ? Worth checking it out after the lunch break?

    imadamsmith 02/22/2013  11:30am

    Anyone know how many are on the emc list/ what number they're up to?

    And1 02/22/2013  11:42am

    What's the word for non-eq's today? Worth heading there after lunch?

    eheitz 02/22/2013  12:50pm