• I'm not sure. But I think you can check the equity site do a list of theatres across the country that give out points!

    peggylee08 02/24/2013  2:00pm

    Will do, thanks!

    thebakerswife 02/24/2013  2:45pm

    They do not. And the reputation is not good. Not even worth putting on your resume.

    However it's pretty good pay for a completely non eq stock.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/24/2013  2:51pm

    yikes. just read the gig and tell..

    peggylee08 02/24/2013  3:13pm

    I just read it too. wow...

    thebakerswife 02/24/2013  3:51pm

    so on the gig and tell thing it said that this is also associated with boebe productions and jersey shore entertainment? is that correct? so i'm guessing i shouldn't bother going to that Grease open call they're having in a few weeks...? thanks!

    j1. 02/24/2013  6:32pm

    Yup! It's all the same exact people....though I heard from a few people that did Hairspray in Reno a few years ago, that it was significantly more organized doing a sit down production with them. Can anyone comment on this?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/25/2013  7:44am

    I worked with Jersey Shore Entertainment as a replacement in "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" in Reno several years ago. I didn't mind working with them, although I haven't worked with Ocean (though its artistic director, Steve Steiner, was a part of JSE when I worked with them). I think doing either is worthwhile. Decent pay, housing, and a bit of a per diem if you end up working at the El Dorado.

    kjjohnson 02/25/2013  8:20pm