• Side show 02/24/2013  11:49pm

    Tomorrow can we update when people start making the list? What time are we thinking? Thanks everyone!


    For the love of Alice Ripley (and Emily skinner) can we PLEASE just MAKE A LINE and not a list??! Even for "orgazational purposes"! Lets respect ourselves and others and behave like the future equity members we wish to become someday.

    janky 02/25/2013  12:04am

    No dice....I love lists

    perkypants 02/25/2013  12:12am

    any word on sign in or if an unofficial will be honored? lists are great if unofficial is honored. its not like we have the luxury of appointments as non-eq?

    also what time are we thinking. 5am standard or will this be more normal.

    thanks. updates are appreciated and keeping to this one or the previous Side Show thread.

    Elphie318 02/25/2013  12:53am

    the listing doesn't say a list specifically won't be honored, but it would be nice if said list didn't start at 5am.

    brittanymarie15 02/25/2013  1:42am

    Anyone know what the list is up to yet?

    Leslie Knope 02/25/2013  5:27am

    Building is open. Floor 12-studio C is holding room. There's a list. It's currently at 26 people.

    AaronJamesDarr 02/25/2013  6:11am

    Just found out R/M trains are not running into Manhattan! Just waited 4ever at Steinway, so don't waste ur time - get to the N/Q!

    Juicy1104 02/25/2013  6:32am

    How's the list looking

    Whovians 02/25/2013  6:47am

    The unofficial list is up to 69

    ALboy205 02/25/2013  6:56am

    97 y'all :-)

    flapballchange 02/25/2013  7:22am

    Up to number 127

    Gigi34 02/25/2013  7:51am

    Up to number 127

    Gigi34 02/25/2013  7:53am

    Right about 150

    mamarose 02/25/2013  8:06am

    Has anyone else had trouble with the M/R from Queens into Manhattan as posted above? I'm headed out and not sure if I should go to M/R or N/Q! Thanks!

    AKW 02/25/2013  8:10am

    Right about 150

    mamarose 02/25/2013  8:15am

    After the monitor arrives if someone could post whether or not the unofficial list is being accepted it would be greatly appreciated.

    I_ate_wednesday 02/25/2013  8:46am

    Just announced the unofficial list is being honored

    mamarose 02/25/2013  9:02am

    What's the list up to?
    Also, what time are they planning on seeing people until today?

    enerjenic 02/25/2013  9:18am

    Can someone tell me when they plan on closing the call?? Do you think they will close it at 10am?

    thepielady 02/25/2013  9:25am

    How far along are they on the list? I assume they've started seeing people?

    tree branch 02/25/2013  10:12am

    Any updates on how quickly they move through the list as the day goes on would be appreciated!

    TuLitaPepsi 02/25/2013  10:14am

    any idea if they're giving priority to non eq ppl who have circus skills?

    Stav 02/25/2013  10:14am

    They've collected headshots and lined up through 60.

    dolcevida72 02/25/2013  10:29am

    Just lined up 70-80

    mamarose 02/25/2013  11:07am

    Any update with lineup?

    enerjenic 02/25/2013  11:47am

    Collected headshots 100-112

    mamarose 02/25/2013  12:00pm

    Hey all! Does anyone know if they have closed the list or if they plan on leaving it open all day? Thanks so much! Hope you all have a great day!

    BusyBee123 02/25/2013  12:02pm

    I signed up at about 11:15 and the list was still going strong- was at to about 260 or so.

    ArtisticIntegrity 02/25/2013  12:18pm

    Updates on what number they're on?

    Actorshelpingactors 02/25/2013  1:03pm

    Up to 160ish, now on lunch break until 2:30

    lookin4updatez 02/25/2013  1:57pm

    They are on number 268

    LoveYourself 02/25/2013  3:36pm

    Anyone know officially who was in the room/name of the monitors?

    enerjenic 02/25/2013  4:47pm