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  • there were 7 on list as of 6:30

    da13 05/17/2018  7:03am

    It's at Ripley Grier 520!

    Wakeupontime 05/17/2018  7:40am

    I was just at equity center though and there was a list called National Music Theatre Conference

    da13 05/17/2018  7:44am

    It’s very dead here. I would say there’s a good chance of them seeing non eq today

    colorandlight16 05/17/2018  7:57am

    this is no longer at Actors’ Equity studio???

    ksbergslien 05/17/2018  8:04am

    It’s definitely still at AEA, I think people were getting this audition confused with “National Agency Convention” audition, because they both have the word “National” in the description. That one is at Ripley 520, but this one is here at AEA for sure. There are about 12 of us in line as of 8:15. Assuming it’s a mix of Equity & EMC.

    Randomgirl2242 05/17/2018  8:18am

    How many alternates are signed up at AEA right now?

    bkska123 05/17/2018  8:22am

    Nobody has signed up yet. Monitor just got here. But there are only 15 of us total, so I doubt there will be any alternates unless a lot more people show up in the next half hour.

    Randomgirl2242 05/17/2018  8:27am

    How many alternates are signed up at AEA right now?

    bkska123 05/17/2018  8:44am

    Sorry I meant for the musical theater conference at AEA

    bkska123 05/17/2018  8:48am

    How many Equity alternates are there?

    Froudian 05/17/2018  9:06am

    Bump on alt numbers?

    plz 05/17/2018  9:32am

    Who’s in the room?

    you'vegotafriendinme 05/17/2018  9:33am

    Bump for noneq

    lmenewton 05/17/2018  10:08am

    How many alternates pls? Thank you

    Blackie 05/17/2018  10:25am

    Just called first EMC

    Findmycorner 05/17/2018  10:40am

    Who is in the room?

    NYC3644 05/17/2018  10:42am

    Bump for number of EMC and non eq?

    Also, slightly unrelated - I'm new here and the email notifications for this post aren't sending even though I'm subscribed to it. Am I missing something?

    Wakeupontime 05/17/2018  11:10am

    The board saysNon equity come back at 2

    LivR 05/17/2018  11:17am

    Who is in the room please

    retrograde 05/17/2018  11:21am

    Felicia Rudolph in the room, and someone else I'm sorry I cannot recall.

    Snarky 05/17/2018  11:39am

    Amanda Baselinagel - assistant to Artistic dir is also in the room

    you'vegotafriendinme 05/17/2018  11:44am

    Thanks for the updates everyone!

    VisadeKlein 05/17/2018  11:49am

    Please update alternate list numbers. Thanks.

    Harlequin 05/17/2018  11:53am

    Broke for lunch at 12:30pm.

    Saw up to 25 on alt list and started to see some EMCs

    Alt list at 28 before lunch. People have been signing up during so it’ll probably be in the 30s after

    PineappleGetaway 05/17/2018  12:51pm

    The non eq list and all non eq are upstairs. About 4 EMC left

    dramaqu33n28 05/17/2018  2:22pm

    How many non eq? Could I come at 3 and probably be seen?

    Wakeupontime 05/17/2018  2:25pm

    No non eq have been seen yet, but the list is short and it’s empty in the non eq room so even if you miss your name, you could probably sign up again and be seen!

    dramaqu33n28 05/17/2018  2:29pm

    Thank you!!

    Wakeupontime 05/17/2018  2:33pm

    Any noneq seen?

    themixingminx 05/17/2018  3:06pm

    3 non eq have been called

    da13 05/17/2018  3:25pm

    Please keep updating non eq!

    briankzzz 05/17/2018  3:51pm

    non-eq on #12/28

    Wakeupontime 05/17/2018  4:03pm

    Are they allowing people to audition if you only have 1 h/r???

    Songbyrde 05/17/2018  4:47pm