• Paper Mill little Mermaid ECC 02/25/2013  10:04am

    Call is closed. No non-eq; recommended non-eq attend the open call. Break legs!


    Does that go for just the female call, or the entire day?

    Kiddo 02/25/2013  11:20am


    luckystar1354 02/25/2013  11:23am

    Have they posted when/where the open call is? I feel like I keep missing things and I am always checking all the different websites.

    greenlantern 02/25/2013  11:43am

    Open call (for dancers) is Feb 28 at Pearl. 10 girls, 2 boys

    werk678 02/25/2013  12:18pm

    Who was ITR??

    bey207 02/25/2013  12:43pm