• The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey 02/25/2013  7:45pm

    Despite what it says on the AEA website, there WILL be an AEA monitor at this call on Tuesday.


    Any EMC there? How's this looking?

    curlygirl 02/26/2013  8:47am

    Bump! Curious how this is looking now that the building is open.

    aprince4whatever 02/26/2013  8:48am

    It's pretty damn packed in this holding room. Unless you're already here as an EMC, or Equity, it doesn't look good that you'd be seen today...

    dracomalfroy2001 02/26/2013  8:50am

    Can we possibly get an update on AEA appointments a bit later on in the day after they start?

    BeMused 02/26/2013  8:54am

    Any word on this one?

    Actingismylife 02/26/2013  9:22am

    Non eq list at 40, earliest appointment available is 3:10 as of right now. Line is still going out the door.

    Dorothy07 02/26/2013  9:33am

    I apologize. The earliest right now is 1:10 for appointments. Hope this helps.

    Dorothy07 02/26/2013  9:36am

    410 earliest slot. #pleasegod

    chinupyall 02/26/2013  9:41am

    All appointments taken. Alternate list only.

    chinupyall 02/26/2013  9:48am

    Hey guys-

    They have non-Eq auditions separately and a big ol' training program that I can recommend very highly.

    Even if you don't get seen, make sure and do a mailing!

    BeMused 02/26/2013  9:53am

    Just announced that they will try to see EMC and non-eq today. So far only 8 people on alternate list A.

    chinupyall 02/26/2013  9:55am

    Hi guys!

    So. All slots filled. Alternate list only now. People keep pouring in, but they did say they were willing to see EMC and Non-Eq, time permitting. We'll see how this plays out.....

    acaseofyou89 02/26/2013  9:59am

    Also, the monitor is delightful.

    hopeful 02/26/2013  10:01am

    Realistically, I would go home if I weren't Equity/EMC...

    dracomalfroy2001 02/26/2013  10:09am

    Does anyone know, what was the last alternate list A number they called?

    Eloise476 02/26/2013  11:09am

    if/when they dismiss non eqs pls let us know if they take drop offs

    s. kat 02/26/2013  11:37am

    Does anyone know the last alternate they called from alt list A? Thank you!

    lanaenchanted 02/26/2013  12:56pm

    EMCs have been released. Alternate list is in the hundreds. He's getting through about 2 an hour it seemed like. They are taking drop offs but I have no idea what # they are on, around 30 possibly?

    shakeorshaw 02/26/2013  1:26pm

    Who is ITR?

    BeMused 02/26/2013  1:40pm

    No non equity will be seen but taking drop off headshots

    eheitz 02/26/2013  2:26pm

    Just curious for future reference...Did any EMC's get seen at this call today?

    Scarlett O\'Hara 02/26/2013  4:50pm