• sporkydab17

    About 80 people in line

    Megasing 02/26/2013  7:55am

    What's EMC look like?

    flux capacitor 02/26/2013  8:29am

    I thought this was Thursday!!! Am I crazy or are there two??

    frecklysoprano1 02/26/2013  9:26am

    Not too bad guys.

    chinupyall 02/26/2013  9:33am

    I was confused too. The ECC for singers and dancers is on Thursday

    DGWocu 02/26/2013  9:35am

    There's still a line, but a good number of appointments left. Almost 50 EMC and 67 non eq

    sporkydab17 02/26/2013  9:38am

    EMC list is 63 now

    flux capacitor 02/26/2013  10:02am

    Any new if they are seeing emc non eq?

    Kirk 02/26/2013  10:03am

    It's 10:28 and there has been NO movement on the alternate list. This monitor seems totally overwhelmed.

    SecondHandRose 02/26/2013  10:22am

    Any idea how big the alt eq list is?

    Kirk 02/26/2013  10:24am

    Slots full , alt list over 20

    Kirk 02/26/2013  10:34am

    So no more EMC's can come in today to sign up?

    thesunllcomeouttomorrow 02/26/2013  10:38am

    anyone know how many eq alts?

    soonitsgonnarain 02/26/2013  11:04am

    EMCs can sign up as long as its before lunch addressing a question from a previous thread. Alternate list is 30 or so. Is this call moving? Have they seen any alternates/EMC?

    Elphie318 02/26/2013  11:18am

    They just announced that they're not seeing non-eq today. EMC check back after lunch.

    nycbluejay 02/26/2013  11:35am


    Elphie318 02/26/2013  11:39am

    Any update on how many Equity Alts have been called?

    James 02/26/2013  1:25pm

    any idea what the alt eq number is up to yet?

    Kirk 02/26/2013  2:31pm

    Alt 36 up to 94

    Erikgullberg 02/26/2013  4:00pm

    Several alternates are joining each group, but we haven't gotten to the EMC list yet.

    GoTeam 02/26/2013  4:23pm

    Did they release EMCs yet?

    Elphie318 02/26/2013  4:58pm

    Anyone know who's in the room?

    bubba88 02/26/2013  5:26pm

    Bump. Yes, can someone please say who was in the room today? Thanks.

    usn1120 02/26/2013  9:22pm