• In room 17e. Everyone is lined up waiting

    Ltepps 02/26/2013  8:09am

    How many lined up? Unofficial list?

    classackt 02/26/2013  8:12am

    No unofficial lists for the EPAS. People complained and wanted them taken down. Only unofficial list that was kept was cortland. At this specific audition at this moment I would say about 60 in line wrapped around the room. But once other people sign up in other respective rooms that will change quite quickly.

    Actorshelpingactors 02/26/2013  8:38am

    Tons of appointments left! 17th floor, go!

    chinupyall 02/26/2013  9:34am

    Tons left? Really? When I left at 9:25 the room was a zoo. Any info would be appreciated

    Oopsgirl34 02/26/2013  9:39am

    Any news if they're seeing non-eq?

    rodgerthat 02/26/2013  10:05am

    Any alternates seen yet?

    ns921 02/26/2013  10:57am

    No time slots yet. Have seen 16 alts. 64 EMC signed up

    byallmeans 02/26/2013  11:03am

    No time slots left, not yet!

    byallmeans 02/26/2013  11:03am

    Please keep updating on alt as they get through them.

    audition15 02/26/2013  11:14am

    At least 1 alternate seen. Updates appreciated

    Elphie318 02/26/2013  11:15am

    63 on EMC list and large non eq list. Alternate list as well in which less than 10 have been called

    Actorshelpingactors 02/26/2013  11:18am

    They have called up to 25 on alt list. A ton of people have missed their numbers.

    byallmeans 02/26/2013  11:25am

    How many alternates?

    Elphie318 02/26/2013  11:40am

    Called up to 39 for the next group. 59 alts signed up

    byallmeans 02/26/2013  11:56am

    Did they say anything about not seeing EMCs?

    sarahsoda4 02/26/2013  1:05pm

    What alt # are the up to now?

    Sblake1988 02/26/2013  1:08pm

    Bump? Alternate status?

    CurlyK 02/26/2013  2:00pm


    ns921 02/26/2013  2:21pm

    update on emc/noneqs?

    ns921 02/26/2013  2:46pm

    Are we expecting this to be super busy tomorrow?? It had 2 days of auditions and every other audition on earth was today. So maybe people are all counting on tomorrow.


    MaxiFord 02/26/2013  3:31pm

    Any updates on alts/EMC?

    byallmeans 02/26/2013  4:22pm

    Anyone know what alt # they are on?

    byallmeans 02/26/2013  4:44pm