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  • Les Miserables Nat’l Tour @ Actor's Equity Center 06/12/2018  10:29pm

    Does anyone know when auditions for replacements for this tour will finally be announced? Contracts end in September so I would imagine the auditions would be June/July... anyone know anything?


    My best guess is that it depends on who's staying.

    Showbizdreamer 06/13/2018  11:03am

    There were some appointments last week.

    bagelthepig 07/17/2018  11:27am

    I heard those appointments were for the kid characters... do you know what they were casting?

    actorfreak1791 07/17/2018  10:49pm


    somethingtoconfessa 07/19/2018  7:19pm


    actorfreak1791 07/21/2018  12:01pm


    somethingtoconfessa 07/22/2018  6:34pm