• Little Mermaid Open Call 02/26/2013  4:00pm

    Thought it would be smart to start one of these now. Not going to bother to ask people not to get there at an ungodly hour because it's going to happen anyway. All I ask is that we try to be as professional and organized as possible. Remember that Telsey does not accept unofficial lists. So don't even try to make one. There will be a line, so please don't ignore it. Let's just be civil and get this madness over with.


    Can anyone confirm how exactly this open call (Wednesday, 3/27) will be running? On Paper Mill's website (http://www.papermill.org/about-us/work-with-us/casting.html), they say 2 different things.

    In the EPA section, they say "PLEASE NOTE: At this call NON-EQUITY will NOT be seen. The open call for NON-EQUITY and EMC’s is Wednesday, February 27th, 10:00am – 6:00pm, Telsey + Company, 311 West 43rd Street, 10th Floor, between 8th & 9th Avenues."

    And then in the Singers ECC section, they say "PLEASE NOTE: At this call NON-EQUITY will NOT be seen. The open call for NON-EQUITY and EMC’s is Wednesday, February 27th, 10:00am – Females & 2:00pm - Males, Telsey + Company, 311 West 43rd Street, 10th Floor, NY, NY 10036"

    Does anyone know if it will indeed be males and females at separate times, or just an all-out cattle call? Thanks!

    toldmethatmyhairwasred 02/26/2013  4:45pm

    Not sure the answer to that. It actually says both in the papermill site. If your a guy I would get there early no matter what. Also want to make sure everyone knows that tomorrow is the open singers call and Thursday is the open dancers call.

    Whovians 02/26/2013  5:37pm

    What time does the building open??

    Threemusketeers 02/26/2013  6:47pm

    Spoke to someone from Telsey.

    Girls in the morning.

    Guys at 2pm.

    Patti Lupunt 02/26/2013  6:53pm

    I believe the building opens at 6:30

    Whovians 02/26/2013  7:51pm

    Building may open at 630, but the telsey lobby didnt open until later I think.

    janky 02/26/2013  8:01pm

    Who did you talk too from telsey?! Will guys still sign up in the morning for a 2:00 call?!

    Bali Hi 02/26/2013  8:04pm

    Is the call at Telsey or Ripley? The breakdown I have says Ripley.

    foxwoodprincess 02/26/2013  8:24pm

    nope. nevermind different call! :P

    Do you think they'll type people?

    foxwoodprincess 02/26/2013  8:30pm

    Yes, I second the question about males signing up in the morning. What is the norm? Is it considered poor taste for men to be there to sign up at the beginning of the women's call?

    blowfishattack 02/26/2013  9:15pm

    I don't think it's poor etiquette -- so long as you're prepared to leave after signing the list, because it's likely going to be jammed in there. I've definitely signed up at 930am for a 2pm call.

    zeemra 02/26/2013  9:34pm

    after being at Telsey the past two days, we are NOT allowed in the building until someone from Telsey comes down which usually has been happening around 8. The security guy from 311 will come over around 7 to explain this to the line that will be forming at 315. But just a heads up you'll be out in the cold til at least 8!

    rockyraccoon 02/26/2013  10:11pm

    And guys its going to be raining the whole time, most likely. So I suggest we really think this is worth standing outside for 3 hours in the wet and cold and possibly getting sick.

    Whovians 02/26/2013  10:32pm

    What are the odds they will type at something like this tomorrow?

    greenlantern 02/26/2013  11:26pm

    Ok...so I've checked various postings and i've found a couple confusing things:

    IS IT AT:
    (A) Telsey + Company
    (B) Ripley Grier
    (C) Pearl Studios

    IS IT A:
    (A) Singer/Principal Call
    (B) Ensemble Dancers Only Call

    HELP they've seriously made this like The Da Vinci Code of open calls.

    irishactor26 02/27/2013  1:56am

    Anybody there yet? Please say no

    ravenclaw 02/27/2013  5:27am

    There's two of us here. Rains let up

    Whovians 02/27/2013  5:42am

    Alright, non-eqs. Today IS the day. We will wait in line like the Equity members we hope to become, without the hassle of unofficial lists, because Telsey does not honor them anyway, and it's the fair thing to do. Right!?

    blowfishattack 02/27/2013  5:47am

    Aby update on how many ppl are in line now, at 6am? Im still waiting for the train :(

    Gigi34 02/27/2013  5:52am

    they wont have an unofficial but will they start an official sign up list for both men and women this morning? im a man debating whether or not to brave the weather until closer to the 2pm call...

    irishactor26 02/27/2013  5:58am

    Will they type today?
    And female call is only till 1:30 correct?

    Leslie Knope 02/27/2013  5:59am

    There's about 15 of us here

    An unofficial list was started (bc the first girls here wanted to start one...I don't know why...), but we're all staying in order and in line.

    ALboy205 02/27/2013  6:04am

    Are any Men Waiting now?

    ArtisticIntegrity 02/27/2013  6:12am

    Just to clarify there is no unofficial list

    Whovians 02/27/2013  6:27am

    What's the list at now?

    librasinger 02/27/2013  7:07am


    librasinger 02/27/2013  7:07am

    I'm new to all of this, so can someone please clarify what no unofficial lists means? Will there be an official list/can we sign up for a time slot when we get there, or do we need to wait in line for as long as it takes to be seen? Thanks.

    tapitout 02/27/2013  8:12am

    Tapitout- no unofficial list just means that people can't post a list and sign up at 4 am and leave. They have to wait in line until Telsey opens and places an official sign up list in the table upstairs.

    The line was at about 150 as of 8, and Telsey had not opened just yet. They open at 9 officially, so any earlier, and that's someone doing us a favor and getting to work early...

    Marcy18 02/27/2013  8:16am

    Wow, thanks so much. Any idea whether or not guys can sign up when the building opens?

    tapitout 02/27/2013  8:20am

    Building is open, monitor is here, official list is out. Girls at 10 guys at 2. Once you sign up we have been asked to leave because it is so crowded

    Threemusketeers 02/27/2013  8:24am

    And there is a seperate list out for guys

    Threemusketeers 02/27/2013  8:25am

    Sign in is beginning slowly but surely on the official list on the 10th floor. A CD from telsey has been in and out of the lobby area encouraging. People to leave once they sign in as there is Little room in lobby. There is a separate sheet for men who are told to come back at 2

    janky 02/27/2013  8:26am

    The cd said they are likely to type

    Threemusketeers 02/27/2013  8:31am

    Latest news: they're typing.

    lovernotafighter 02/27/2013  8:32am

    It's crazy town up in here. Break legs today, everyone! Stay dry!

    Belaaa 02/27/2013  8:34am

    What time will they be typing?

    caitmtlvr 02/27/2013  8:54am

    I just signed up on the men's list and I'm 42.

    brazbaritone 02/27/2013  9:02am


    perkypants 02/27/2013  9:06am

    Is this true?

    Patti Lupunt 02/27/2013  9:11am

    What is this about the call being moved? Is that for women too? I'm heading there to sign up now.

    caitmtlvr 02/27/2013  9:13am

    Will guys be typed too? Also- are guys gonna be at Telsey or Pearl?

    shawty 02/27/2013  9:24am

    Both Women and Men's call have been moved to Pearl 519. They are still taking sign-in's at Telsey but I don't know how long they'll stay here.

    They said they are NOT typing Women.

    They plan to get through 20 people per 1/2 hour.

    singerswhodance 02/27/2013  9:27am

    Will guys be typed too? Also- are guys gonna be at Telsey or Pearl?

    shawty 02/27/2013  9:35am

    ONLY the women's call has been moved to pearl. They still plan to hold men's call at Telsey. They are no longer typing.

    dying2bhired 02/27/2013  9:49am

    Men's call at 519 as well according to the girl monitor.

    iLoveLucy1986 02/27/2013  10:23am

    How many bars are they hearing? Anyone at Pearl who knows?

    graciejo 02/27/2013  10:23am

    Actually, shortly after all the women left, they announced that men will be at 519 Pearl, too, due to the time it would take to get back to Telsey.

    Also, would any girls post if they stress about the length of cuts (ie just 16 bars?, are 32 bars ok?, etc)? I'm prepared either way, but justto get an idea.

    ALboy205 02/27/2013  10:26am

    So much bad info being thrown around. I just left Pearl 519, and this is what's up:

    They ARE typing women. Get there now and have your headshot ready.

    Singing will start at 11 for women.

    Men ARE at 519 Pearl as well. Report back at 1:30 if you haven't already signed up.

    So far, men will not be typed, but Justin Huff says there is a good chance we will be.

    Break legs all.

    dracomalfroy2001 02/27/2013  10:28am

    Call at pearl. For men and women. They're typing women and the men's list from telsey is here and its gonna be honoured.

    Mati 02/27/2013  10:29am

    I was at the bottom of the women's list and was told to come back at 12:30 so I headed back to my apartment to get ready. Is typing done? I don't want to go all the way back if it's too late for me.

    PrettyPelican 02/27/2013  11:12am

    Will someone please keep us updated on whether or not they will type men, come 1:30? Thank you so much!

    toldmethatmyhairwasred 02/27/2013  12:13pm