• Ripley Grier Wednesday Morning 02/27/2013  7:34am

    FYI... Building security said there are too many people on the 16th floor already and will not allow anyone else up there until 8am. 20 or so people are waiting single file inside the downstairs lobby and now he is asking everyone else to form a line outside in the rain. If you're just here for Cortland, come inside and sign the unofficial list. Good morning, everyone!


    Isn't it great how things are all fucked up - and people are outraged, and then some over zealous correction to appease the masses is made but it is made with such broad, blunt strokes it couldnt really fix the problem.
    This reply is also in regard to the closing of the call for equity people I encountered at 10 am (the start even) I know this happens at Open calls a lot but it seems I am not getting much service for my dues payments. Anyway - not really angry, I got to do some auditions, but I think everyone would agree yesterday at RP was crazy

    danamdkny 02/27/2013  8:04am

    just wanted to add, thank god the dues for equity arent as bad as Sag or I would be serious like wtf am I paying for?

    danamdkny 02/27/2013  8:06am