• Flatrockin 02/27/2013  8:08am

    What's it's looking like this morning folks? How many people there for this today?


    Any update on appointments left? Also, total number signed up on the alt list A vs. how many have been called?

    Any update is very much appreciated! Thanks so much!

    James 02/27/2013  10:22am

    last i looked appoints were nearly full- alt list was less than 10
    and non eq was at about 30

    ArtisticIntegrity 02/27/2013  10:31am

    Appointments full, alternate list around 40, but at last check 11 were called!

    zeemra 02/27/2013  10:49am

    Any updates on EMC's and noneqs appreciated : )

    classicalbaby 02/27/2013  11:32am

    Both groups told to come back after lunch. :)

    zeemra 02/27/2013  11:34am

    Thank you!

    classicalbaby 02/27/2013  11:49am

    Does anyone know if they're accepting headshot/resume dropoffs?

    Bench.Warmer 02/27/2013  11:54am


    Bench.Warmer 02/27/2013  12:50pm

    Who is ITR today?


    TrixAre4Kids101 02/27/2013  12:56pm

    Can someone update on how many alternates they've called?

    IKnowThingsNow 02/27/2013  1:28pm

    any idea on the post lunch emc status

    SuchinPak 02/27/2013  2:23pm

    Last I checked, about 15 minutes ago, there were 73 alternates and they've called up to number 30.

    LiliVonShtupp 02/27/2013  2:28pm

    Any updates about the alternate list?

    LiliVonShtupp 02/27/2013  3:17pm

    On break. Monitor just told us there were 80 on alt list. Probably no EMC today. :(

    GL! Great singers today!

    JDC 02/27/2013  3:43pm

    Hey joy! Will your office be having an open call for flat rock noneq anytime soon? Thanks!

    janky 02/27/2013  4:02pm

    No open call. And, apparently we are seeing EMCs... or at least one...

    JDC 02/27/2013  4:20pm

    Just wondering what protocol is for auditioning at both the theater's EPA and ECC. I sang at the EPA today and was thinking of going to the ECC tomorrow Thurs. Would love to know JDCs take? Are we considered for ensemble as well when we audition at EPAs or are do we need to go to ECCs for consideration. Or do you not want us to attend both. What if I highlight different styles at the different calls... omg... I think I just imploded.

    auditioner.nyc 02/28/2013  12:07am