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  • Unsure of emc but non eq was at about 20 as of 6:30

    newyorkwhodis 07/12/2018  7:00am

    Up to 4 on emc list

    DubbydubbieDubChins 07/12/2018  7:08am

    Non-eq at 36

    cluelessinNYC 07/12/2018  7:52am

    How’s the equity line?

    iwanttoknow 07/12/2018  8:05am

    Update on EMC list?

    Kmo3 07/12/2018  8:05am

    EMC is at 11

    JDull 07/12/2018  8:09am

    How’s non-eq looking now?

    pmusic 07/12/2018  8:30am

    Non eq around 60

    Mem23 07/12/2018  9:12am

    Any equity spots left or are they onto the Alternate list?

    Dr. Sattler 07/12/2018  9:37am

    EMC have been sent up, Non-eq dismissed until 2pm.

    407W41 07/12/2018  9:37am

    Non-eq released till after lunch (which is 1-2). They're taking drop offs

    Kmo3 07/12/2018  9:38am

    Sorry rly stupid question, by drop off do they just mean headshot/res?

    321sing 07/12/2018  9:48am

    Any update on equity appts? Alternate list?

    DMV 07/12/2018  9:49am

    @321sing Yep! You leave your headshot/resume with the receptionist in the waiting room on the 4th floor

    Kmo3 07/12/2018  9:50am

    Any equity spots left or are they onto the Alternate list?

    Dr. Sattler 07/12/2018  10:07am

    Any equity spots left or are they onto the Alternate list?

    Dr. Sattler 07/12/2018  10:07am

    Currently no alt list. Calling from EMC list and making EMC mini groups as time permits.

    Madrigal 07/12/2018  10:19am

    @ Kmo3 thank you!!!

    321sing 07/12/2018  11:18am

    How many Emcs are signed up? Thank you!

    lilsally8 07/12/2018  11:24am

    Around 30

    Brushyourteeth 07/12/2018  11:40am

    How’s it looking going into lunch guys? Appointments pretty full? How many EMC? Looking promising at all for non eq? Thanks!

    Bway_Owl 07/12/2018  12:55pm

    Bump, any updates on if non eq will be seen? Thanks!

    Toulouuuuse 07/12/2018  2:16pm

    Does anyone know if they were giving callbacks ITR? Thanks!

    whathaveidonesweetjesuswhathaveidone 07/12/2018  2:42pm

    Were callbacks being given itr?

    Mem23 07/12/2018  2:46pm

    Might be able to squeeze in non-eq! About 5 more on EMC, dunno about callbacks ITR.

    AngelBear 07/12/2018  3:08pm

    Could somebody please let the monitor know that there are still over 50 non-eq people patiently waiting downstairs?

    We know there's no way most of us can be seen, but could they just dismiss us or at least take the first 10-20 people, please?

    407W41 07/12/2018  3:08pm

    Can never know for certain (maybe a bunch of Alts will start suddenly pouring in), but I would bet they’ll start calling non-Eq within the next hour. The holding room at Equity is starting to look more empty

    Vocal French Fries 07/12/2018  3:10pm

    Any idea on who’s ITR?

    Bway_Owl 07/12/2018  4:03pm

    15 names were called from the non-eq list. They were assigned numbers and might be seen today.

    All other non-eq dismissed.

    Whoever got in touch with the monitor, thank you!

    407W41 07/12/2018  4:06pm

    Michael Cassara, CD
    Amanda Connors, Director

    jazzercise 07/12/2018  4:56pm

    Were callbacks ITR?

    321sing 07/12/2018  4:58pm

    ^^ bump

    mywildestdreams 07/12/2018  11:00pm


    Kingofanything 07/13/2018  11:17am

    Just out of curiosity, did any non-eq make it in?

    Notthrowingawaymyshot 07/13/2018  12:04pm

    I know at least 6 non-eq were seen, not sure if all 15 were

    mywildestdreams 07/13/2018  1:39pm

    Yes, all 15 were seen

    sondheim4squares 07/13/2018  2:03pm

    Yes, all 15 were seen

    sondheim4squares 07/13/2018  2:40pm


    321sing 07/13/2018  9:16pm