• Blood Brothers 02/27/2013  1:43pm

    Anyone heading to the open call this afternoon? I've never been to an open call, they sound insane...it's raining and I'm not loving the idea of being outside for three hours but hoping to get seen. Would love to know if people are heading that way today!



    brybry 02/27/2013  2:00pm

    Thought it might be super busy so came over here. No one yet!

    slickvic 02/27/2013  3:30pm

    thanks Slicvik! do you know if they have lists up already?

    brybry 02/27/2013  3:43pm

    No no lists yet. We're waiting in line outside. Only 5 people here.

    slickvic 02/27/2013  4:26pm

    How is this looking? Thinking about heading over. Worth it?

    projektx 02/27/2013  5:47pm

    Really not that crowded! I just left and thy were on about number 16. Maybe 35 people after that, and the call doesn't close until 9.

    blondesoprano 02/27/2013  6:32pm