• Rock of Ages non-eq tour 02/27/2013  4:02pm

    A casting notice was placed on Playbill a few days ago for the Rock of Ages non-eq tour calling for immediate and future replacements for the ensemble to be held on March 5. They posted another call today for African-American women on March 5. Does anyone out there have any knowledge of what they are really looking for? Are they really just needing Af. Am. women or is it worth my while to fly to NYC if I am a Caucasian blonde?


    A friend in the cast says they are just looking for an African American female right now who is a dancer dancer, but it might be worth your while to come to the call since they could put you in their files for the future.

    yeshoney 02/27/2013  5:00pm

    Thanks for the info. That's what I thought was the case.

    sing4supper 02/27/2013  5:02pm

    just wondering, where are you flying from? i personally wouldn't fly ANYWHERE for any audition unless it was an appointment for a major gig, i.e. disney, major motion picture... that's just my opinion =/

    snuffles 02/27/2013  7:53pm

    Snuffles, I fly into NYC for all of my auditions. I'm lucky that I have flying privileges through my father's company.

    sing4supper 02/27/2013  8:10pm

    There are multiple calls. there are also the equity calls coming up. I did a short flight for a callback once. It was a dream role and it was my 3rd or 4th callback but it wasn't far away - an hr flight tops so that made it easier. I have a hard time justifying flying cross country but lucky you if you have connections.

    Elphie318 02/27/2013  10:10pm