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    funnyhoney 07/23/2018  7:20am


    Pam Beesly 07/23/2018  7:55am

    Are they taking a list? Sign in starts at 10:30

    NotMyPresident 07/23/2018  8:14am

    They did last year and time slots were chosen at 10:30.

    Bwayluver 07/23/2018  8:22am

    15 on the unofficial list at 8:45

    Sundance 07/23/2018  8:54am

    Currently 22 on the list

    Pam Beesly 07/23/2018  9:02am

    15 on the unofficial list at 8:45

    Sundance 07/23/2018  9:32am

    Does anyone know if they are planning on closing the list at a specific time, or just when it’s full?

    newyorkwhodis 07/23/2018  10:09am

    About 45 on the unofficial list as of 10:15. Nobody from the company is here yet so no idea on the closing of the list.

    funnyhoney 07/23/2018  10:14am

    Maybe 50 peeps here.

    Monitor just arrived and is calling names off the unoffish to transfer to official.

    Rain On my Parade 07/23/2018  10:23am

    Are they closing the list?

    hellohello26 07/23/2018  10:37am

    Slots full till two

    NotMyPresident 07/23/2018  10:46am

    Are they closing the list?

    hellohello26 07/23/2018  11:04am

    List still open.

    They are running 15-20 mins ahead of time slots, but sticking people in the end of the next group if you miss your name.

    CBs in room....Very friendly dude.

    Rain On my Parade 07/23/2018  1:26pm

    What’s it like for non-eq list?

    Red_Dalton 07/23/2018  2:35pm

    Did anyone hear when we might get calls?

    Pam Beesly 07/23/2018  2:40pm

    Was anyone asked for a second monologue? Or adjustments? Think that would be considered a callback, or only if you read sides?

    ifihadmytimeagain 07/23/2018  3:11pm

    I was asked to read and saw one other person asked to read the callback sides. When I did that he gave me an adjustment

    Pam Beesly 07/23/2018  5:26pm

    Has anyone heard anything?

    Pam Beesly 08/10/2018  6:25pm

    Offers are out

    ifihadmytimeagain 08/13/2018  12:10am