• "New" Backstage 02/27/2013  8:36pm

    Is it just me or does anyone else miss the old website layout?! :(


    Absolutely. I can't find my inbox which I used a lot to remember calls I wanted to go to.

    Winston_O'Boogie 02/27/2013  8:50pm

    I do!

    When I do my saved search it only shows the first page and doesn't let me go to the other pages!

    AND I used to get emails every day of my saved searches and now i dont...

    HCHS1209 02/27/2013  9:00pm

    I love the new resume layout!


    Hate the new audition search layout. It's not as easy to read descriptions for characters you may be right for.

    flux capacitor 02/27/2013  10:03pm

    I agree on the audition search. Haven't checked the resume? is it easy to submit? is our resume saved? thanks.

    Elphie318 02/27/2013  10:11pm

    My saved searches aren't saving right!!! ARGH!

    HolidaeIn 02/28/2013  10:10am

    If you're using IE, try opening a firefox browser window. Nothing's saving for me on IE, but Firefox works fine. There might be some issues that need fixing there.

    Distinct Talent 02/28/2013  10:22am

    I am having the same problems with Chrome re: not saving. Resume does look much better -- but the casting section needs some work.

    noplacelikehome 02/28/2013  1:03pm

    Is anyone else finding it hard to find out WHERE auditions are being held? I get the info and the times, but the studio information seems to be left out. Any advice on this?

    jlactoria08 02/28/2013  2:44pm

    GAH! Ditto with the saved search emails! It takes so much time to go online and look at everything! And I am also having trouble finding the audition location info. I see times...but not locations...

    singforyoursupper 02/28/2013  2:58pm

    Also, but maybe it's just me, but I often don't see an audition location listed except "March 6th and 7th in New York, NY".
    But maybe I'm not looking hard enough? There were one or two with studio listed in the breakdown. Otherwise I don't see them.

    MaxiFord 02/28/2013  3:09pm

    Let me clarify. That was an example. I'm having this problem with the majority of postings.

    MaxiFord 02/28/2013  3:10pm

    jlactoria08 and Comicgirl22 - it took me an astounding amount of time to find the locations on the new Backstage: it's towards the top of the page on the right, in a black box. It lists the studio name, address, and even has a nifty little google map.

    It looks nice, but the way the site is set up, your eye doesn't even see it because that's normally where ads go (off to the side, in a box). Web viewers have been practically conditioned to ignore that part of the page. I'd highly recommend they relocate this essential information and incorporate it within the main column of text (perhaps include it where the audition dates are now).

    TheaterGirl62 02/28/2013  4:05pm


    AuditionUpdate 02/28/2013  7:19pm

    My wish list -- the ability to download a spreadsheet of your filtered audition search -- with name of theatre, name of production(s), type of audition, date of audition, location of audition, at a minimum -- that you could further sort/prioritize and help manage options. I know, dreaming, but it would be glorious.

    noplacelikehome 03/01/2013  10:26am